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  1. cjr53 commented on Clay Jones about 8 hours ago

    republicans stoke the fires of hate. That’s what keeps them in power.

  2. cjr53 commented on Jim Morin 3 days ago

    “That’s a whole lot of hypocrisy right there.”
    Looks more like fact of life. I would vote Bernie, but he is not the nominee. I’ll vote for Hillary since she is the nominee, and other Democrats. The republicans are ruining this Great Country.

  3. cjr53 commented on Steve Breen 4 days ago

    It seems that anything one can think up to discredit a Democrat, a Clinton, or to smear someone that isn’t a republican with mud is the goal

  4. cjr53 commented on Clay Jones 6 days ago

    I though cruz did it to help the republican troops rally ’round the tRump thing.

  5. cjr53 commented on Phil Hands 6 days ago

    “No the Democrats started the the KKK, and lynching….”
    The same ones that are now republicans because they don’t like the Democrat equality position?

  6. cjr53 commented on Jerry Holbert 12 days ago

    It does not take much thought to declare themselves correct and the other guy wrong.

  7. cjr53 commented on Clay Jones 16 days ago

    Possibly an oxymoron?

  8. cjr53 commented on Nick Anderson 16 days ago

    The repbulicans idea of unity is everyone agreeing with their platform and anyone who doesn’t is a hater and obstructionist

  9. cjr53 commented on Clay Jones 17 days ago

    Isn’t the proper spelling ‘religion’?

  10. cjr53 commented on Jeff Stahler 20 days ago

    I hate those phone-maze answering devices. One of the worst is Comcast. Not even the human beings that sometimes eventually answer know what their recording stating “Please hold while we process your call” means. Processing a call, what is it, lunch meat?

    Vote out the republicans and tea partiers.