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  1. cjr53 commented on Phil Hands 1 day ago

    People can always find fault with some other state’s representative. It’s never the one they voted for.

  2. cjr53 commented on Nick Anderson 1 day ago

    “ask the workers who still have a job there if they are happy with the so called bailout?”


    Yes, let’s ask the 900 that were cut and are not part of a $7,000,000 bailout that keeps only 800.

  3. cjr53 commented on Nick Anderson 2 days ago

    Oddly, you are actually giving me hope.


    Let’s see how the recount goes.

  4. cjr53 commented on Tom Toles 3 days ago

    “…is it ok for Trump to do it?”


    Clearly it is. Especially since there is so much of trump’s corruption out in front for all to see, plus that is just the stuff he allows us to see. Where’s his tax returns.

  5. cjr53 commented on Jim Morin 10 days ago

    “The right wingers just love to tell other people what to do with their sex lives.”


    That’s because they think they are so morally superior.

  6. cjr53 commented on Jim Morin 10 days ago

    “…but the Govt label should read GOP.”


    Maybe not. The house, senate and executive branch are all coming up gop. Sometime after January 20, 2017, expect the freedom losses to go into a higher gear; now that they can.

  7. cjr53 commented on Steve Breen 10 days ago

    “The rest of us are kind of happy.”


    We’ll see how long that lasts. He’s already breaking campaign promises.

  8. cjr53 commented on Jeff Danziger 11 days ago

    Stuck in a time-warp much?

  9. cjr53 commented on Mike Luckovich 11 days ago

    “Everyone who is not an Native American, is an illegal alien.”



  10. cjr53 commented on Jim Morin 13 days ago

    “How in the name of man or god can any of us be against feeding hungry people?”


    Then the rich won’t have a few extra dollars.