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  1. ragtime78rpm commented on Peanuts Begins 12 days ago

    Who is that playing with Charlie Brown? Shermy has dark hair…

  2. ragtime78rpm commented on WuMo 12 days ago

    Wherever he takes her has to be pretty close — those cords only reach so far.

  3. ragtime78rpm commented on Non Sequitur 19 days ago

    “Religion and politics rolled into one”…

    Au contraire. The leftists — who usually eschew religion — have substituted their political beliefs in place of the church with as much fervor as any tent revival meeting. e.g.: everybody knows that you’re just asking to have your car keyed if you drive with a republican bumper sticker in California. (No one on the left has a similar fear from conservatives when they display their Hillary stickers)

  4. ragtime78rpm commented on In the Bleachers 22 days ago

    Not sure, but isn’t eating an opposing player a personal foul?

  5. ragtime78rpm commented on Peanuts 27 days ago

    @ mugens and cdward:
    I wasn’t being sarcastic because templo didn’t know who the person was — although that’s easily remedied these days with google, as kchishol points out.
    It seemed to me — and I of course may be wrong — that templo wanted the cartoonist to “improve” the strip because of his (templo’s) lack of knowledge. I probably overreacted.

  6. ragtime78rpm commented on Peanuts 28 days ago

    “Sorry, but I’m unfamiliar with McKuen…”

    Many apologies that you’re unfamiliar with the material. Next time we’ll have Schulz check with you first and try to come up with something that we’re sure you’ll find uproariously funny.

  7. ragtime78rpm commented on Cathy about 1 month ago

    Yes. And here’s the sandbox if you need to…

  8. ragtime78rpm commented on Drabble about 1 month ago

    The end of an era… Thanks, Mr. Scully!

  9. ragtime78rpm commented on Peanuts Begins about 1 month ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. ragtime78rpm commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 month ago

    What clever and subtle satire.