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  1. FourcentsSr commented on Pat Oliphant almost 3 years ago

    Replay it on your TIVO?

  2. FourcentsSr commented on Jeff Danziger almost 3 years ago

    My first wife died for want of healthcare. We lost our insurance when it went above $3K a month!

    Must be brief here. Couple years later a new friend was a health insurance agent. He explained how corps eliminate sick people and raise premiums as part of it. Their profits often exceeded 40-50% and 100Ks died for those profits while all the world’s nation but US offered universal healthcare.

    A Swiss Minister of Health said if anyone went bankrupt for health costs it would be a National scandal. Healthcare WAS #1 reason for bankruptcy in US!

    Remember the idiot Republican asking McCain to keep government OUT of her Social Security? It you want NO taxes leave. What country has no government or taxes?

    Where are the Paline Death Panels? Republicans prefer suicide over ACA? Then they become their own Death Panels. If Repubs die they can’t vote. I guess it’s a win win, LOL

  3. FourcentsSr commented on Jeff Danziger almost 3 years ago

    What part of LIFE is free? If it is too taxing for you quit?

    When you get seriously sick and ACA has forced you to be ready you get ten “dope slaps” before entering the doctor’s office, LOL

  4. FourcentsSr commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 3 years ago

    A billion is a thousand million so 24,000 million is worse than 70 million and the first was a deliberate choice the 2nd is improving a week by week.

    The first was anarchy the second was the opposite. Some hate healthcare until they need it. Perhaps the messenger is the problem not the message. Please link the Republican healthcare plan for comparison. None is not an option. I have VA. It has been excellent and saved my life. All my meds and appointments are handled by me on line. In tens the online service keeps getting better. I suspect ACA will do the same with complaints nipping at it all the way. Telling people not to apply for ACA is recommending “delayed” suicide. You become your own “death panel”, LOL

  5. FourcentsSr commented on Tom Toles almost 3 years ago

    While Christie is a popular man his weight is very serious. I having nothing against being fat, look at me, but Christie is a high risk person.

    A while back 60Min did a story of “stapling” over weight people some lost some didn’t. Being President is a long hour day and night job.

    People this heavy have a much high risk of death. Hillary could run for President and Christie’s Vice President that way it is a win win for her, LOL

  6. FourcentsSr commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    I have VA so mines stays the same but a conservative friend was complaining they changed his health insurance policy. After a few questions it turned out he now gets more benefits and pays less.

    He still says he won’t apply for Social Security in a couple years because it will be broke. Obviously he eats with a spoon anything else it to dangerous. We tuck him in at night with his gun but don’t tell him it is loaded with blanks.

  7. FourcentsSr commented on Mike Luckovich about 3 years ago

    How did I get to the end before I started?
    Maybe this is the cartoonists autobiography?

  8. FourcentsSr commented on Mike Luckovich about 3 years ago

    That’s you Problem, you think in terms of probably and skip all he facts otherwise. Don’t worry someone will help you cross the street or you are free to stay Right where you are. So long, so far behind……………..

  9. FourcentsSr commented on Mike Luckovich about 3 years ago

    My doctor turned off my implant pain pump in 30sec and charge $250. Please link the free ones.
    If a traffic light is installed and it doesn’t work do we toss traffic lights or fix them?
    This has been a majority choice. That makes you the troll but how could you know the difference?

  10. FourcentsSr commented on Clay Bennett about 3 years ago

    Either your crazy or the majority is. Take you time and work it out or get left behind.