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  1. paulborje commented on Broom Hilda 14 days ago

    Hilda, it was you who killed the Pirate Bay?

  2. paulborje commented on Last Kiss 3 months ago


  3. paulborje commented on PC and Pixel 3 months ago

    One of the cats sleep so next to my wife’s head.

  4. paulborje commented on Working It Out 3 months ago

    Thicker, not longer.
    Is she blonde?

  5. paulborje commented on Working It Out 3 months ago


  6. paulborje commented on Marmaduke 3 months ago

    The cat’s tail is wrong.
    Now that the cat says “Hello” with the tail to Marmaduke

  7. paulborje commented on Gray Matters 5 months ago

    For Sweden:
    Doctor visits cost about (general practitioner) $ 25 for a visit. Specialist costs about $ 42 for a visit.
    In a year’s medical costs is capped at about $ 125. Thereafter, it is free.
    For drugs, the cost is capped at about $ 315 per year.
    Admitted to hospital, do not remember but I think it’s about $ 12 per day. It is the cost of the food.

  8. paulborje commented on Gray Matters 5 months ago

    Sweden: Paid Vacation (by law) 5 weeks.
    The 5th week you can save over 4 years and then get 8 weeks vacation.
    Vacation normal during July. Schools have time off in June-augsti.
    Overtime maximum of 150 hours per year. Then you have authority to give permission.
    Working time is a maximum of 40 hours per week. Also by law.
    Sick during the holidays, then you are entitled to vacation when you are healthy.

  9. paulborje commented on Working It Out 9 months ago

    “Punk”? Make my day… ;-)

  10. paulborje commented on Herman 9 months ago

    After a year, his wife was released from the mental hospital, where she was admitted to be healthy. He himself was buried in the cemetery.