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  1. plus4 commented on Ziggy 5 days ago

    Wow… so many strawmen.

  2. plus4 commented on Baldo 7 days ago

    Oops, you’re right.
    Well, I don’t claim to be a Spanish expert…

  3. plus4 commented on Big Nate 7 days ago

    How about goatmeal? Or Honey Bunches of Goats?

  4. plus4 commented on Baldo 8 days ago

    It’s Spanish for grandmother.

  5. plus4 commented on Ziggy 10 days ago

    Satirizing reality is “propaganda”?

  6. plus4 commented on Bound and Gagged 11 days ago

    Typical — all cheap mockery, no facts or evidence.

  7. plus4 commented on Baldo 14 days ago

    Probably not applicable as of New Testament, though. Not that there’s anything wrong with outlawing tattoos.

  8. plus4 commented on Pearls Before Swine 17 days ago

    Sure, you can just dismiss someone as a “religious person” when they recognize realities that you have to overlook. Nice & convenient.

  9. plus4 commented on Baldo 22 days ago

    Another old joke:
    Q: How do you double the value of a Kia*?
    A: Fill up the gas tank!

    • This works for any appropriate kind of car, of course.)

  10. plus4 commented on Pearls Before Swine 23 days ago

    Pig is unusually quick to catch on here!