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  1. plus4 commented on Bound and Gagged 6 days ago

    Does he have to study before he takes a blood test?

  2. plus4 commented on Pickles 6 days ago

    I note that you have to resort to silly terms while exoticdoc2 doesn’t.

    There’s nothing silly about acknowledging a higher power, especially when the evidence points so strongly to one. People just pretend it’s silly because they don’t like the idea of a God that has the nerve to be real and greater than they are.

  3. plus4 commented on Ziggy 8 days ago

    “(Yes, science. That awful thing that too many people have no interest in, getting their knowledge from Fox News and Rush instead.)”

    The problem with science is not that people have no interest in it or knowledge of it. It’s that the persuasive power of the word “science” is subject to abuse by people who use it as a club to silence opposition to (inevitably false) ideas that they push.

  4. plus4 commented on Big Nate 10 days ago


  5. plus4 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    If you think the Creator is to blame for what’s wrong with the world, or that He’s just left it unaddressed, then you’ve missed the whole point of what He’s told and shown us.

  6. plus4 commented on Baldo 2 months ago

    You mean she can pave the way for females who will actually be leaders?

  7. plus4 commented on Baldo 2 months ago

    Wrong on so many levels.

  8. plus4 commented on The Born Loser 2 months ago

    Modern scientific research has shown that cavemen were…
    …people who happened to live in caves.

  9. plus4 commented on Close to Home 2 months ago

    Good exercise will Titan your muscles.

  10. plus4 commented on Wizard of Id 2 months ago

    Seen on a sign carried by a street beggar:

    “Why lie? I just want a beer.”