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  1. nate9279 commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    so is Ramirez too stupid to realize that dodo’s are extinct, or is he fantasizing about Obama being dead? A new low for señor crapola

  2. nate9279 commented on Glenn McCoy 2 days ago

    yawn. next.

  3. nate9279 commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    wow, this talking point is just being cartooned right into the ground. Anything else in the arsenal, or is this fundraising crap all you’ve got?

  4. nate9279 commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    When the shoe fits. Comparing Obama trying to do the right humanitarian thing with immigrant children in the face of ignorant hatred to terrorists putting children in the crosshairs of Israel’s wrath is indeed despicable, inflammatory, ignorant, and every other pejorative that’s been listed here, i.e. it’s vintage Michael Ramirez.

  5. nate9279 commented on Clay Jones 3 days ago

    How incendiary, insensitive and homophobic of you. Just think, where AIDS is actually at its worst, in Africa, they’re almost all heterosexual, and can’t even afford roads let alone HIV lanes. Shove it.

  6. nate9279 commented on Jerry Holbert 3 days ago

    I disagree with you all and agree with the aptness of this toon as there hasn’t been enough discussion on WHY and HOW the separatists shot down the plane, and WHAT went through their minds when they did it, instead of just this drawn out discussion of IF they did it, now muffled by the events in Gaza. How could they have been so inept or evil to shoot down a civilian plane? Did they not have the ability to see the Malaysian airlines symbol? What kind of threat did they think it proposed to them 25 miles from the Russian border, heading toward Russia at 30,000 feet and hundreds of miles an hour? How in the world did this present a military threat that justified shooting a plane from the sky? If the plane was so obviously going to be over Russia in less than a few minutes, why wouldn’t they hold off on shooting as hmmm, maybe it’s a civilian plane or hmmm, maybe the Russians can take care of it as it will be in their airspace any second now. I certainly think these are valid and very interesting questions that need investigation and answering, and the lampooning of the mystery of it all is addressed well in this toon. So, for once, I agree with Holbert. Your criticisms are jumping the gun. hahaha, yeah not funny given the gravity of the situation, but couldn’t help it.

  7. nate9279 commented on Dana Summers 6 days ago

    oh give me a freaking break. Poor NFL. It has to take a taste of its own medicine.

  8. nate9279 commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    Wow, the Ramirez incendiary bs machine is in full force with this one.

  9. nate9279 commented on Mike Luckovich 14 days ago

    oh yeah, that’s our country’s problem: not the biggest gap between rich and poor in ages, the crumbling infrastructure, corporate tax loopholes, exorbitant ceo pay, falling wages and purchase power for the middle and poor classes, higher cost of living, student loan debt, exorbitant health care costs on low wages, no no no, it’s a sprinkling of brown people crossing the border and scrambling to get scraps of the crap I just listed…. THAT is what’s breaking our country. Good call mikefive. NOT

  10. nate9279 commented on Scott Stantis 15 days ago