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  1. nate9279 commented on Gary Varvel 8 days ago

    Cause if you have been, you’re not the kind of homophobic person we want working in our company, so good riddance to you. Maybe the homophobe Gary Varvel will hire you to write better comics for him.

  2. nate9279 commented on Dana Summers 8 days ago

    which, logically enough, is actually part of, and the most important part of, your background check.

  3. nate9279 commented on Scott Stantis 8 days ago

    It’s Scott Stantis and his bull****. I wish, I wish he’d go away.

  4. nate9279 commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    Better than the ship of fools that actually put any credence in your partisan swill, Ramirez.

  5. nate9279 commented on Henry Payne 8 days ago

    Payne, you are disgusting.

  6. nate9279 commented on Glenn McCoy 8 days ago

    The reality is it’s the GOP elephant that’s the face sucking killer alien in the room, but this is yet another entertaining chapter in the McCoy journey through projection and absurd falsities. Bravo.

  7. nate9279 commented on Mike Lester 8 days ago

    Oh f*** off, Lester. You would have been out of a job a long time ago if we gays were that much of a threat to homophobia. This is about the leadership of a company collectively deciding they do not want to project an image of homophobia, not about homophobes like you getting to play the martyr in ridiculous vignettes. Two thumbs down and up your bum.

  8. nate9279 commented on Steve Kelley 8 days ago

    OMG!!!!!! Can Kelley ever do a strip that isn’t about bashing Obama and Obamacare??? Basta!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. nate9279 commented on Lisa Benson 8 days ago

    Oh please, Lisa. Free speech doesn’t mean you get to be against gay rights and still be CEO of a progressive company that doesn’t want to project that image. Although I know Republicans of your ilk would be overjoyed if every CEO were a homophobic bigot. Sorry. You lose.

  10. nate9279 commented on Michael Ramirez 13 days ago

    Michael Ramirez = right wing hack job