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  1. Ncorgbl commented on In the Bleachers 3 days ago

    Wouldn’t that be racial profiling, discrimination and a nice lawsuit for ‘Biffy’?

  2. Ncorgbl commented on Joe Heller 12 days ago

    Kim Jong-un-tRump

  3. Ncorgbl commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 17 days ago

    Edward Hardy lives in a town with a population of 7.

  4. Ncorgbl commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    And it’s all just empty baggage. Like the accusers.

  5. Ncorgbl commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    Jesus was far too Liberal for today’s conservatives.

  6. Ncorgbl commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    The First African American President is one of the best presidents we’ve had.
    All those accusations, and never any proof.

  7. Ncorgbl commented on Jim Morin 2 months ago

    The comic would be more accurate if Trump was plagiarizing a speech made in 1930s Germany.

  8. Ncorgbl commented on Nancy 2 months ago

    They are not just “women’s footwear”, and in our 50th State they are called “slippas” (slippers). The Hawaiian ohana (family) back to school new wardrobe was from the flea market, 10 T-Shirts for $20, 3 board shorts for $10, and a pair of ‘Locals’ slippas from Long Drugs for 99ยข. Oufit da whole ohana!

  9. Ncorgbl commented on Loose Parts 3 months ago

    Have you no shame?

    That was very well done!

  10. Ncorgbl commented on Steve Breen 3 months ago

    This Nation was born with far worse divisions than we have today. Our enemies since the Brits underestimate, and cannot comprehend our divisions. Those divisions disappear when the priority is an enemy. And come right back when the threat is gone. The wealthy and the not so wealthy have always been. There was no real ‘middle class’ to speak of until the industrial age.

    “In order to form a more perfect union…”
    We are still working on that.

    Regardless what some would try to sell you, at 240 years the United States of America is better than ever. And getting better every day. That’s the nature of our Founder’s beast.