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  1. Mad4U commented on Matt Wuerker about 4 hours ago

    Leona Helmsley infamously said that “only the little people pay taxes”. Evidently, only the little people go to jail too. Just ask the folks on Wall Street whose fraud nearly destroyed the world’s economy.

  2. Mad4U commented on Tom Toles about 4 hours ago

    Donald Trump was a spoiled child who had every advantage growing up and as the boss’s son probably never heard the word no. Whether you are talking cheating on his many wives, cheating people out of their money through Trump “University” or seeing the silver lining for his golf course in Brexit, Trump has never cared about anyone other than Trump, yet, a sizable portion of voters think that all of a sudden he is going to be the white knight who saves them from whatever boogeymen they think are out to get them.

  3. Mad4U commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    Trump has served one purpose: he has shown that a good portion of the GOP really is racist, xenophobic and misogynistic despite their protests. Now he has shined a light on the hypocrisy of right wing Christians too. They don’t care how immoral, or amoral, he is. On the positive side, he and Bernie have shown that there is a real problem between haves and have nots and those with power and those without. Those are real issues but not ones for which Trump has real solutions. I suspect that putting a self-centered, authoritarian billionaire in charge would only make the situation worse.

  4. Mad4U commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 1 year ago

    Out of 65 developed countries, US students ranked 36th in 2012 in math, science and reading. Not bad for a country that believes in ghosts and visits from extraterrestrials but does not believe in evolution or global warming. In a recent survey of current events the US ranked as the second most ignorant country after Italy. We’ll get ‘em next year. I know… let’s increase military spending and cut spending for scientific research and education. Go Republicans!