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  1. Mad4U commented on Matt Wuerker 2 days ago

    The Clinton Foundation has helped millions and, yes, you do have to get big donors to raise get the funds to do great work. Meanwhile, Donald does nothing that does not help himself. He will from time to time claim to contribute to charities but then does not follow through with the actual payments. So who should I respect more, someone who helps millions or someone who only helps himself?

  2. Mad4U commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 2 years ago

    Out of 65 developed countries, US students ranked 36th in 2012 in math, science and reading. Not bad for a country that believes in ghosts and visits from extraterrestrials but does not believe in evolution or global warming. In a recent survey of current events the US ranked as the second most ignorant country after Italy. We’ll get ‘em next year. I know… let’s increase military spending and cut spending for scientific research and education. Go Republicans!