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  1. Reb commented on Pickles over 3 years ago

    One question John Pike ….What’s a boo boo?
    Love Earls beaten replies. How long them two been married for? This question to all comment makers and of course Brian Crane!

  2. Reb commented on Jane's World over 3 years ago

    Continuation to my previous comment….
    I think Jane will respond in kind to a kiss from Dorothy but that is all. She will then pull the plug on this encounter tonight. In order to give Dorothy time to come out of her stupor. Then I think Jane will maybe initiate first contact but only if they talk about their relationship openly.

  3. Reb commented on Jane's World over 3 years ago

    I don’t think that Jane is about to make a huge mistake. She has given Dorothy several get out scenes already. But despoool

  4. Reb commented on Jane's World over 3 years ago

    I don’t know the drunks name, but I think that she is a fem-mine lesbian who’s taken by Janes pillow at work (boobs) to be refreshing for her soul, mind and body. But she’s also taken by Janes short spiky hair to be that of a butch lesbian. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen. However I feel that Jane won’t sleep on her bed tonight , maybe the sofa will hold her dreams for her!!!

  5. Reb commented on Sunny Street over 3 years ago

    Erm am I being very thick here in not getting this one guys???

  6. Reb commented on Invisible Bread over 3 years ago

    Hasn’t Justin done any other strips than this one? Because the word ‘overkill’ keeps going through my head!.
    The first time it appeared was funny, the second time it was…must be an error. The third time though is ‘overkill’.
    I’m sure Mr Boyd has plenty of other material to make us laugh, come on GoComics!!!

  7. Reb commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    This little git