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  1. zeimetr commented on Cul de Sac 15 days ago

    What a waste of good deviled eggs, one of my favorite foods!

  2. zeimetr commented on Barney & Clyde 23 days ago

    Most historians view it as an aggravating factor in making a bad situation worse. Its increased tariff rates on foreign goods led many other nations to jack up their rates on our goods, undermining our chance to sell them overseas and thus reducing demand for them, causing thousands of American workers to be laid off, increasing unemployment. We will see if history repeats itself with Trump’s policies.

  3. zeimetr commented on Candorville about 1 month ago

    Ah, the naive innocence of youth! Still some things have come true. Heard talk of camera phones back when I was a kid in the 50s. We have them now. Same with using sound waves to cook things.

  4. zeimetr commented on Lio about 1 month ago

    Didn’t Dad almost have a date a couple of years ago and Lio messed it up for him?

  5. zeimetr commented on Bloom County 2016 about 1 month ago

    I do have an app on my phone that allows me to start my Cadillac using it. Phones are taking over the world!

  6. zeimetr commented on Frank & Ernest 2 months ago

    We’re now getting into deep philosophical issues with these guys.

  7. zeimetr commented on Faces of the News by Kerry Waghorn 2 months ago

    Trump is our version of him.

  8. zeimetr commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 2 months ago

    Very prescient observation.

  9. zeimetr commented on Biographic 3 months ago

    Don’t forget Eli Wallach as the leader of the Mexican gang that terrorized the village in the 60s version. He made a great villain.

  10. zeimetr commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 3 months ago

    “Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead!”