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  1. zeimetr commented on Doonesbury 3 days ago

    He was and Thompson knew it. Once threatened to rip Trudeau’s lungs out.

  2. zeimetr commented on Pickles 4 days ago

    I remember that stuff. Used to show up on my grade school hot lunch plate. Didn’t know that it still was around.

  3. zeimetr commented on Biographic 6 days ago

    Glad to see that they are profiling someone who matters for a change. Got tired of all the fly by night celebs.

  4. zeimetr commented on Barney & Clyde 12 days ago

    Very true. Remember all the ads for Boniva & Reclass ref: calcium deficiency? Don’t see either any more and you’d see at least three or four per hour of TV. My wife took both for several years per Doctor’s orders, and now has an excess amount of calcium in her system that probably contributed to the severe arthritis in her left hand for which she just had to have surgery.

  5. zeimetr commented on For Better or For Worse 25 days ago

    Reminds me of my own early days playing softball when I was seven. BTW, that was back in 1954.

  6. zeimetr commented on Doonesbury about 1 month ago

    Yep, “Britannia no longer rules the Waves”!

  7. zeimetr commented on Candorville about 1 month ago

    I think that Lamont might have another bag with something else more gross in it.

  8. zeimetr commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 1 month ago

    As one of my college professors said, “Pity the Poor Irish! For years all they had were sex and potatoes, and then the potatoes went bad!”

  9. zeimetr commented on Barney & Clyde about 1 month ago

    Love it! She really has him pegged!

  10. zeimetr commented on Faces of the News by Kerry Waghorn 2 months ago

    How old is this one? Knight has not coached for IU for years.