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  1. Mommyhalls commented on Wizard of Id over 1 year ago

    Should have floated while being weighed instead.

  2. Mommyhalls commented on The Born Loser over 1 year ago

    Erma Bombeck was 40 years old before she started writing. Don’t get bored. Get on with it!

  3. Mommyhalls commented on Drabble over 1 year ago

    Yep. Made me want to shred a copy of Gary Larsons’ Weiner Dog Art

  4. Mommyhalls commented on Non Sequitur over 1 year ago

    Sorry, isn’t blog news what Joe does for a living?

  5. Mommyhalls commented on Doonesbury over 1 year ago

    Anybody else get whiplash from the flash forward / flash back to Joanie’s grandaughter’s twins for a day?

  6. Mommyhalls commented on Brevity over 1 year ago

    Doesn’t he know those things can kill you?

    Sorry, somebody had to say it.

  7. Mommyhalls commented on Baldo over 1 year ago

    Wait a minute. I’m sure there’s an error in his logic. I just can’t seem to find it faced with the current state of popular culture…

  8. Mommyhalls commented on Stone Soup almost 2 years ago

    First Rule of Parent Club: Whatever the reason KIDS CAN HEAR.
    “Trying to ignore it” by talking about it with every adult in the neighborhood gives him validation.
    Since they’ve already not “ignored it”. Try telling him that people who use pacifiers need naps. Two for one: Until he gives it up he’ll nap, when he’s too bored to nap – he’ll give it up.

  9. Mommyhalls commented on Committed almost 2 years ago

    This explains so much

  10. Mommyhalls commented on Non Sequitur almost 2 years ago

    Okay, here’s the deal. I have two cell phones – office & personal, one laptop – office, and one tablet – home & church. I’m always on the leash. I would LOVE to have a reason to have lunch or dinner here. And by the way – I’m a woman.