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  1. robert3750 commented on Close to Home 1 day ago

    If either of them were any good, both of them would be rich from having won the lottery multiple times, and neither of them would be there. True of ANY so called psychic.

  2. robert3750 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    But it’s obvious that learning ISN’T “effortless” for Susie. She’s working hard at it, so for you to say you’re “with Calvin” because Susie is doing something “effortless” makes no sense.

  3. robert3750 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 13 days ago

    Once again, I see a certain amount of pathos in Calvin. He never socializes with other kids, not not to play games or anything else.

  4. robert3750 commented on B.C. 23 days ago

    Lucas would change the alien encounter into a “special edition”, then ignore people’s desire to know about the original encounter before selling the alien to Disney.

  5. robert3750 commented on B.C. 27 days ago

    Nobody said it’s “easy”. What people are saying is that it’s the inherent nature of politics to change an “intelligent, compassionate, ethical person” into something else. Pointing out this fact is not “whining”.

  6. robert3750 commented on FoxTrot 30 days ago

    I believe these Sunday comics are done well in advance, so this was probably done before Nimoy’s death.

  7. robert3750 commented on Frank & Ernest about 1 month ago

    Add some more and you have the rolling stones. That should give them satisfaction.

  8. robert3750 commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    Good points. In addition, women take time off to have and raise children, which shows as a reduction of wages.

  9. robert3750 commented on FoxTrot Classics about 1 month ago

    It wasn’t quite a spy movie, but in the movie Charade, Audrey did wear a trench coat and dark glasses as part of a plot involving the recovery by a government agent of money stolen during WW II.

  10. robert3750 commented on FoxTrot Classics 3 months ago

    To even speak of the “last digit” of Pi is nonsensical, so the contest makes no sense.