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  1. JimPem commented on Andy Capp 7 days ago

    He could put his photo in the center of the bulls eye.

  2. JimPem commented on Savage Chickens 11 days ago

    I’d say he must be nuts, but I suspect he’s really pine cones.

  3. JimPem commented on B.C. 11 days ago

    There is no such thing as “common human decency.” Uncommon human decency, yes.

  4. JimPem commented on Savage Chickens 15 days ago

    40 or 50. Usually they turn back to celebrations at about 90 because everyone is amazed you’re still alive.

  5. JimPem commented on Dilbert Classics 18 days ago

    Warning, Dilly! The boss wants to hire the more gullible one.

  6. JimPem commented on Dilbert Classics 22 days ago

    Unions are at least as corrupt as the government and some corporations. Not all aspects of the government are corrupt, although much of it is to some degree. Not all corporations are corrupt, although some are. Not all unions are corrupt, although there is far more corruption there than many people know. I know corporations who have hidden accounts set aside just for paying off the union bosses, who expect to be paid off. Who gets the shaft? The union members. Who are the perps? The Union bosses. But they won’t be caught, because they filter union money to the necessary government officials to not only look the other way, but also to make it possible to generate even more income for the union bosses from the government. So it becomes a slush fund. The least corrupt here are the corporations who have to be corrupt just to do business. However, they get vilified the most.

  7. JimPem commented on Calvin and Hobbes 22 days ago

    Agreed. The idea that Hobbes activities are a figment of Calvin’s imagination yields some pretty interesting fruit. This clip, for example, has Calvin inventing a plausible scenario via a disagreement with Hobbes over how he should treat Suzie when she grabs him. Calvin would rather Hobbes be consistent with reality than agree with him. In the last frame, just imagine Calvin reaching over to manipulate his stuffed tiger while mouthing the words Hobbes is saying. It’s a depth of character not usually found in the daily comics. Watterson was brilliant with C&H.

  8. JimPem commented on F Minus 22 days ago

    Beware your weapons being used against you.

  9. JimPem commented on Peanuts about 1 month ago

    I always thought of Woodstock as being a male bird, so I looked it up and found some interesting trivia. Apparently, Charles Schultz considered Woodstock to be male although he was once quoted that he though it would have been better if he would have made him a girl. On the other hand, the Norwegian translation of the comic strip gave Woodstock a female name: Fredrikke.

  10. JimPem commented on B.C. about 1 month ago

    This reminds me of a humorous event I saw: 3 or 4 wild turkeys came up on a large tree. They were walking in a line, a la follow-the-leader. The one in the lead started following the trunk of the tree around. When she saw the last turkey of the line disappearing around the tree, she started running after her. The one behind her started running to keep up and in a moment all the turkeys were running in a big circle around this tree following each other. I think they might have slowed and started a few times, but I recall they kept this up for several minutes before one of them decided to walk away from the tree and led the others away.