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  1. JimPem commented on Dilbert Classics 1 day ago

    The Mensa test I saw tested mostly general knowledge instead of things like linguistic or logic aptitude. So basically they are looking for trivia buffs.

  2. JimPem commented on Calvin and Hobbes 1 day ago

    I would stand to the side, turn the knob, and when Hobbes bursts out I would step in quickly closing the door behind me.

    “Mom, why are there flies in the supper?”
    “Because you let them all standing outside the door with it open when you got home from school.”

    Small consolation for when Hobbes didn’t come out and waited until I peeked around the corner to see if he was in there and took my head off anyway. That sneaky tiger…

  3. JimPem commented on Wizard of Id 8 days ago

    He reminds me of Rygel from Farscape. The Wiz could cook him up a magical floaty thing to ride around on.

  4. JimPem commented on B.C. 13 days ago

    Good thing he wasn’t rear-ended.

  5. JimPem commented on Peanuts 18 days ago

    I notice he doesn’t even have to bark out orders. He just dogs the team until they play right.

  6. JimPem commented on Peanuts 19 days ago

    Perhaps CB could take some lessons from Snoopy. Sometimes all Lucy needs is a kiss on the nose or a kick in the rear. Been more than once I’ve wanted to kick her little cartoon butt.

  7. JimPem commented on Wizard of Id 20 days ago

    The last vacation they took, they had to take “King Air”.

  8. JimPem commented on Peanuts 21 days ago

    Smart dog. He’s changing rainbows because they crap gold.

  9. JimPem commented on Calvin and Hobbes 22 days ago

    I think they just missed Calvin’s learning style.

  10. JimPem commented on Savage Chickens 25 days ago

    It’s sad the number of people who don’t recognize that they are being insulted and have to be told.