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  1. k_sera commented on Frazz almost 3 years ago

    My earworm of the last week has been a Beatles song about a certain psychopath and his hammer. I’m looking for a new one, it’s getting old.

  2. k_sera commented on Frazz about 3 years ago

    My dog ate the dog training book.

  3. k_sera commented on Frazz about 3 years ago

    I had major problems understanding the Pythagorean theorem when I was in 5th/6th grade. Then one day it just kind of clicked: don’t worry about why it works, just know that it works and accept it. That approach has solved a lot of problems later in life.

  4. k_sera commented on Non Sequitur about 3 years ago

    I’ve met many women who found full time jobs primarily because their husbands retired.

  5. k_sera commented on Doonesbury about 3 years ago

    NE Colorado probably can’t afford to hire Duke, otherwise, they’d be all over it.

  6. k_sera commented on Dogs of C-Kennel over 3 years ago

    I once had Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song stuck in my head for 3 days. Yes, 3 days of Robert Plant screaming “Ah ah ah!!!!!!!!!!”

  7. k_sera commented on In the Bleachers over 3 years ago

    Clogged toilet… Oakland Colosseum, I presume?

  8. k_sera commented on Bound and Gagged over 3 years ago

    By chance is my computer mouse in there too? My dog either swallowed it whole or buried it in the backyard. (Her damage tally this week is over $200.)

  9. k_sera commented on Dogs of C-Kennel over 3 years ago

    That’s what I like about my vet – they have wood benches. As long as I let my dog sit on the bench, she is happy to wait. Down on the floor, not so much.

  10. k_sera commented on Brevity over 3 years ago

    Meanwhile over the Supreme Court… (You have to be into land use and zoning to get that one, probably.)