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  1. Sweety2002 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel almost 2 years ago

    My Chihuahua makes no mess at all with his water. The Pitbull, on the other hand, makes a big mess. It’s not so much when he’s actually drinking but when he stops to clean off his front legs, even though they are bone dry. Then when he’s all done drinking, he trails dripping water all over the floor. :S sigh The mat underneath the water does not help at all.

  2. Sweety2002 commented on Dog Eat Doug over 2 years ago

    This is so totally my Pitty. He’ll be sitting on me like dead weight and he won’t move!!

  3. Sweety2002 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 3 years ago

    I am definitely with you Will!! I cannot stand the winter, it’s brutally cold here in Saskatchewan, Canada. :( However, my Pitty would love to play out in the snow!! :)