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  1. blackash commented on Mike Luckovich 19 days ago

    Tell Petraeus she didn’t violate the law.

    Obama is helping his buddy Biden by bringing Hillary down. The Obamas and Clinton’s don’t get along.

  2. blackash commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Who owns our public schools? Is it the students, parents, teachers, administrators, and taxpayers or nameless and faceless Federal bureaucrats?

  3. blackash commented on Non Sequitur 3 months ago

    One is Twelver Shia and the other Wahabi Sunni.

  4. blackash commented on Mike Luckovich 3 months ago

    It will be the taxpayers helping, not any politician like Obama.

  5. blackash commented on The Born Loser 4 months ago

    Try to keep it going forever. Did anyone notice " Grin and Bear It" stopped over the weekend?

  6. blackash commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 months ago

    Oklahoma, the chosen home and final resting place of Warren Spahn. Other HOF players and great players associated with the state are Carl Hubbell, Mantle, the Waner boys, Stargell, Bench, Pepper Martin, Bobbie Cox, Alvin Dark, Lindy McDaniel, Bill Russell, Jim Brewer, Frank Linzy, Joe Carter, and Allie Reynolds.

  7. blackash commented on Bloom County 5 months ago

    Some days nicks feel like they are that deep.

  8. blackash commented on Arlo and Janis 5 months ago

    “You know who” is Jimmy Johnson. Since this was done days before the games were played he couldn’t have Arlo tell Janis the team’s playing. If he could have predicted the team’s he could have bet on the outcome and wouldn’t have to write the strip. Thus, Arlo and Janis wouldn’t exist.

  9. blackash commented on Mike Luckovich 6 months ago

    After Dan Rather and Brian Williams (along with many other progressive propagandists) the Left had to find somebody to divert attention. This agitated Moderate was the best they could come up with.

  10. blackash commented on The Argyle Sweater 6 months ago

    Moore is a fat joke.