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  1. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 23 days ago

    In my opinion its the kettle calling the pot black in most of these comments.

    But hey, enjoy feeling good demeaning people you don’t understand with “facts” that make you feel god.

  2. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 26 days ago

    So you’re saying that Clinton really set up her servers and used one (15 really) device for her convenience?

    Not to avoid FOIA requests?

  3. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 27 days ago

    1) Not even a good paraphrase, as has been debunked by Salon of all places
    2) Should the Vatican remove its walls? Isreal? MEXICO ON ITS SOUTHERN BORDER?
    3) Yes the whole world is hypersensitive losers like some people we can see.

    4) Hasn’t done it yet. Who knows.
    5) Too lazy to look up if that was a for it before she was against it like so many things. (And vice versa)
    6) Good summary of Libya and her foreign policy…

  4. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 6 months ago

    And there is a civil war going on in both parties over it. You may like the Neocon thugs that are in charge of the Republicans now but that is changing.

    So do you really hate Trump, or do you hate that the easy target of deserved vitriol isn’t going to take one for the ‘team’ because of WOMAN!

  5. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 6 months ago

    Also why is incompetence always thought to be “VOTER SUPPRESSION”.

    1) New DMV system keeps switching peoples affiliation. I doubt that is on purpose but was a big mistake
    2) Independents were told they could put in a provisional ballot even though the rules (Hmm rules) were clearly stated.
    3) The lady in charge has been at the job since the 80s. Doubt she made this decision on the spur of the moment but more based on the poor showing the last few elections (given how those primaries went)

    Now there is no true defense of what happened in AZ, but to blame everything on malice which is easily explained by bad judgement is also malicious. But then again you are probably that person.

  6. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 6 months ago

    Keep talking about private organizations with a monopoly between them of power over amounts most countries can’t touch (Federal budget, let alone states and city)

    They only get to retain their position by the illusion they are of the people.

  7. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 7 months ago

    wcorvi: Its so sad you have to exaggerate badly when plenty of things he can be quoted on are out there. Or are there?

    Or does it just show how pathetic you are.

  8. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 7 months ago

    I could be wrong, but I’m interpreting this as Pro Trump. The base is obviously on a moon of Saturn. The ’free-traders" are about to make life worse on Earth.

    That sure looks like a missile with Trump’s name on it heading right at the “free traders” .

    To say Trump is encouraging TPP would be pretty out there…

  9. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall 9 months ago

    Uncle Joe: So cute to see someone who thinks an incumbent running is in a fair election.

    While getting 67% isn’t bad, McCain got 60% in my home state and we saw how well he did nationally. (And we won’t start on how unpopular he really is here)

  10. Ethaniel67 commented on Ted Rall over 1 year ago

    So many people who are naturally anti-corporation are suddenly 100% all in when it makes them feel good.

    A lot of people are just saying there is a lot of money in these vaccines and the science is far from 100% bullet-proof.

    Why did we go from 7 vaccines (in 2 shots and an oral) around the age of 5 in the 70s to over 24 shots by age 2 in less than 40 years? Not to be anti-progressive but that’s a huge change in a relatively short period of time and no way to be sure that has not caused some problems.

    To say your sure it hasn’t is you being anti-science. Do some research about shingles for an unintended side effect of mass vaccination.