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  1. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger about 10 hours ago

    Once again Mr. Danziger shows his lack of knowledge.

    1 – Servants of the hunt wear Pink – not the hunt. Servants are generally paid staff or hunt functionaries. The real “class” do not dress in pink.

    2 – UK Hunts are no longer the preserve of the rich or the upper classes, they draw from all walks of life.

    I understand the ‘toon shorthand but it’s sloppy.

    It would have been more accurate to depict Polo but less effective in visual terms, but more accurate in social terms.

  2. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Doonesbury about 10 hours ago

    He’s a real twitcher

  3. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger 1 day ago

    This is hardly related to the ’toon, but I thought it might be worth adding, the worst of it seems to be that the “mood music” emerging from the UK EU debate is that in order to stay in the economic zone the UK will have to sign up to do all of the things the leave campaign used as their key arguments. This will include significant contributions to the EU budget, without anything like as much influence over the policy being made… great result.

    BTW. I have always been a European Federalist, which means my view of Europe is way out on the left fringe of UK politics. It’s a shame that the EU political apparatus has failed to learn a lesson from the early US. “States Rights” are at the hear of this debate and the centre (Brussels) seems to hate the notion.

  4. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    Mr. Danziger
    John 8:7 – Let him who is without sin…
    Like the idea – King Kong, hate the sentiment.
    This nastiness is not representative of the majority of us. Just as eel understand that groups like the KKK are not representative of main-stream America.

  5. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    and yet the Cornish, one of the biggest winners of EU inward investment also voted to leave. Funnily enough Cornwall is an area where you won’t find significant skewing of the vote by those who weren’t born in the UK.

    There were many factors at work here. Areas which have earned their livings from the sea and long resented the opening of their fishing grounds to EU fleets. This was never a major factor in the national debate, but has been part of the consideration at the local level.

  6. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    Interesting, your sister was in the minority in London then. Since it (along with significant areas of the UK) overwhelmingly voted to stay.

  7. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    Ridiculous, just as we should not view the US as a bunch of red necked racist xenophobes, more should you attempt to represent the vile attitudes of our loony minority as representative of the whole nation. Let’s be clear about this, of 48% of the votes case were to remain.

  8. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    Whilst I applaud your take on the relationship between in votes, and the proportion of voters not born in the UK I have to point out that I suspect that in some of those areas the non indigenous vote was large enough to be the swing factor.

    BTW this from one who lives in the UK and is proud to be in an area that voted to stay (also an area with very little non-indigenous population). Not all of us bought the lies presented by the Leave Campaign

  9. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger 3 days ago

    “with nothing world class to export” except some of the cleverest folks on the planet. Watch out for a brain drain, again.

    Oh, and whilst the French might want immediate revocation of the border controls at Calais, they can’t have it. The UK hasn’t even started the process of leaving the EU yet. Until the wind up process is complete it’s business as usual. Could take more than two years to resolve.

  10. Snivelling_Wizard commented on Jeff Danziger 3 days ago

    Yes, that’s the ticket, probably the same thinking which resulted in a vote by the UK to leave the EU. Reading loads of stories where voters said they didn’t bother because they knew the vote would be to remain.