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  1. Israel_Iram commented on Agnes over 3 years ago

    What a jerk! Geez with that library lady. I really wanted the girls to get their video on the youtube hole. Dang it!

  2. Israel_Iram commented on Frazz over 3 years ago

    Hello Jef,
    This is a rather late opinion on your Cinco de Milo strip but I just had the chance to open my copy of the Sunday LA Times. Let me start by saying I like the Cinco de Milo pun. It follows nicely after the “May the 4th be with you.” However, I was upset at your mentioning Cinco de Mayo as “not the most diorama-friendly holiday.” My last great school diorama as a 10 year old back in Mexico was about Cinco de Mayo. It portrayed the battle between the invading French forces and the vastly outnumbered Mexican army in the state of Puebla. To say that Cinco de Mayo has nothing to offer for a diorama is to say a July 4 diorama would be at the most a bunch of BBQ grills, fire works, and beer.
    Frazz is unique in that it regards education highly. Caulfield is a great character that is always thinking outside of the box and finding paths to learning through self-initiative. The Cinco de Milo cartoon was a missed chance for Caulfield to educate himself and the public about an important date in Mexican history, a date that, like most of Americanized ethnic holidays, has been reduced to an excuse for drinking and partying by the mass media.
    Hopefully Caulfield will do a little research before presenting his next ethnic-related holiday diorama.
    Here’s a link to History.com with an article about Cinco de Mayo.
    Israel Medina

  3. Israel_Iram commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    Ha! Nice.