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  1. Leslie Barks commented on One Big Happy about 1 month ago

    You know what they say—memory is the second thing to go.
    What is the first?
    Ummm…I forget.

  2. Leslie Barks commented on Dilbert Classics 9 months ago

    I don’t know about us being an ISO company … but we do work for the government (contracted to the Navy) and it’s all CM all the time … even for the in-house utility software I wrote that is only used by the five people in my department. I have a wall full of Dilbert cutouts, and sometimes it seems like Adams has been surveilling us. We’ve even got our own pointy-haired-boss (I identify with the smart woman with big hair).

  3. Leslie Barks commented on Rose is Rose 9 months ago

    Poor Rose. That’s why they invented Auto-Save.

  4. Leslie Barks commented on Dilbert Classics 9 months ago

    In re PHB’s effort yesterday: “How many engineers does it take to replace a light bulb?” It takes nine where I work: One to notice the bulb is out. A supervisor to write up the change request. Three managers to review the request. Another manager to approve the request. A purchasing clerk to order the new bulb. A technician to screw the new bulb in. Another manager to close out and log the change request. (They call it Configuration Management)

  5. Leslie Barks commented on Dilbert Classics 9 months ago

    It takes nine where I work: One to notice the bulb is out. One to write up the change request. Three to review the request. One to approve the request. One to order the new bulb. One to screw the new bulb in. One to close out the change request. (It’s called Configuration Management)

  6. Leslie Barks commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 10 months ago

    Sorry, but “I” IS correct, as shown by completing the sentence: “You have better penmanship than I do.” NOT “You have better penmanship than me do.” However, Phoebe is only nine years old, and the Me/I confusion is common to a vast number of adults who never learned the difference (I can thank my ninth grade English teacher for my understanding of it).

  7. Leslie Barks commented on Dilbert Classics 10 months ago

    Imagine Dilbert got flattened by an icy BM.

  8. Leslie Barks commented on Citizen Dog 10 months ago

    Going to college in Oregon, I started out with an umbrella. My hand holding it always got wet and cold, and rain always managed to sneak in under it, wetting my books and notes. And all the classrooms were cluttered with open dripping umbrellas drying on the floor. In frustration, I bought some fabric and a pattern, borrowed the use of a sewing machine, and made a hooded cape that protected everything down to my knees and kept my hands warm as well. Never bothered with an umbrella again.

  9. Leslie Barks commented on Over the Hedge 10 months ago

    My back yard is bordered by a flood control channel, so I regularly dump “mystery meats”, etc. that I find in the back of the freezer over the fence onto the bank. The raccoons hoover it all up and leave behind little “thank you” tokens … namely their poop. But at least it’s on the channel bank and not in my yard.

  10. Leslie Barks commented on For Better or For Worse 10 months ago

    Unfortunately Amazon had not been invented when this was originally written. In fact, I don’t think the internet existed outside of a few universities, and computers still filled entire rooms.