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  1. vigilhonor-72 commented on Last Kiss about 1 month ago

    Folks, I read this strip as much for your comments as for the artwork. A bunch of really clever, witty responses that never fail to make me laugh. Thank you all so much!

  2. vigilhonor-72 commented on Non Sequitur 10 months ago

    I know it is true, cause Terry P. told me so!

  3. vigilhonor-72 commented on Chip Bok 10 months ago

    You are partially right.In our government, there are checks and stock options….

  4. vigilhonor-72 commented on Prickly City 10 months ago

    Winslow IS a coyote…..

  5. vigilhonor-72 commented on Bloom County 2016 11 months ago


  6. vigilhonor-72 commented on Wizard of Id 11 months ago

    He’d put on a little weight too!

  7. vigilhonor-72 commented on Liberty Meadows 11 months ago

    I don’t know. I like Truman and Oscar.

  8. vigilhonor-72 commented on Doonesbury about 1 year ago

    Good people, the term “Civil War”, although used continually since that time, really isn’t a proper use of the term. A civil war is, by definition, where two factions are vying for control of the government. This was not the case here. The southern states were not trying to take control of the national government. They were trying separate from it. Hence, the War for Southern Independence really is more proper. I’ll leave the other choices above to the partisan factions….

  9. vigilhonor-72 commented on Pickles about 1 year ago

    Mike G- You gave me the best best laugh I’ve had in quite a while. Many, many thanks!

  10. vigilhonor-72 commented on Candorville about 1 year ago

    The more I read this strip, the more I like C-Dog!