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  1. Scyphi commented on Garfield Classics about 22 hours ago

    Make me!

  2. Scyphi commented on The Gentleman's Armchair about 22 hours ago

    Um…product placement? I dunno…

  3. Scyphi commented on Edge City about 22 hours ago

    Maybe you should’ve given a bit more forewarning first.

  4. Scyphi commented on Magnificatz about 22 hours ago

    Darn, the timing could’ve been better for me…I just had to endure the end of another favorite comic just last week. :(

  5. Scyphi commented on Bad Machinery about 22 hours ago

    And as rogue upholders of all that is just, they are obliged to take action.

  6. Scyphi commented on Microcosm about 22 hours ago


  7. Scyphi commented on Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog about 23 hours ago

    Mrs. Perks didn’t think this through very well.

  8. Scyphi commented on Wallace the Brave about 23 hours ago

    Yeah, can certainly relate to that, Mrs. McClellan. Some times ya just gotta do something to get ’em outta your hair for at least a FEW minutes so to take a breather.

  9. Scyphi commented on Dinosaur Comics about 23 hours ago

    Y’know, with Him being the Almighty Himself, shouldn’t He already know how the universe will end?

  10. Scyphi commented on Edge City 2 days ago

    I confess that I’m not really one to talk as this isn’t really the sort of crowd I’ve ever interacted with, but to me he looks like he still fits in better than one could’ve expected.