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  1. Scyphi commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 10 hours ago

    …you must be pronouncing Phoebe differently from me, then. Generally, the name’s pronounced “fee-bee.”
    Considering that Dana took the time to rhyme it with squeegee, I assume that’s how she’s been pronouncing it too.

  2. Scyphi commented on Widdershins about 10 hours ago

    He’s the spirit of greed…he’s not going to care about Mr. Malek’s present problems, only his own.

  3. Scyphi commented on Garfield Classics about 10 hours ago

    While Garfield alone is draining it’s supply of lasagna.

  4. Scyphi commented on Edge City about 10 hours ago

    But let’s face it, the others only cleaned up after themselves this one time so to have the joy of catching her not doing it.

  5. Scyphi commented on Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog about 10 hours ago

    Maybe that’s just how the trick’s supposed to end.

  6. Scyphi commented on Dinosaur Comics about 11 hours ago

    Well, it is a nice parody of most pulp-style mystery stories I see on the market these days T-Rex, so you’ve at least got that.

  7. Scyphi commented on Mike Luckovich about 11 hours ago

    Well, if maybe Trump actually told some actual FACTS for a change…

    And to be perfectly fair, I see Hillary get flak for uttering non-factual statements too all the time, so they can’t be THAT bias.

  8. Scyphi commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 11 hours ago

    In human terms, maybe, but it’s clearly a word among the unicorns, and it makes logical sense for it to be among them.

  9. Scyphi commented on Starling 1 day ago

    …can’t that still be interpreted as being the same thing, Mr. Vance?

  10. Scyphi commented on Ali's House 1 day ago

    He’s had a rough day. Please understand.