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  1. Scyphi commented on Edge City about 4 hours ago

    Darn those convenience stores. The bane of half-hearted marathon runners everywhere.

  2. Scyphi commented on Bad Machinery about 4 hours ago

    Seems like your typical superhero-action-movie fare.

  3. Scyphi commented on Peanuts about 4 hours ago

    Leave it to Charlie Brown to think about the losing team enough to consider how they might feel about it.

  4. Scyphi commented on Garfield Classics 1 day ago

    It’s the Garfield way.

  5. Scyphi commented on Garfield Classics 2 days ago

    Maybe it’s because of this instance that Liz enters the picture; the other guy called it quits because of Garfield and needed a replacement.

  6. Scyphi commented on Ordinary Bill 2 days ago

    Well…this is a twist on the whole mermaid tale that I can’t say I’ve ever seen done before.

  7. Scyphi commented on Edge City 2 days ago

    Yeah, us doing genetic engineering is really nothing new, and we’ve been doing it practically since the beginning of the Homo Sapien race. All that’s really “new” about it now is we figured out new ways to do it that are a bit faster and more efficient.

    The end result is still much the same.

  8. Scyphi commented on Bad Machinery 2 days ago

    Probably not what’s actually going to happen, but I’d kind of like to see that now.

    Also, I watched a video of an aircraft carrier turning around once. In an emergency, they can get turned around faster than you’d expect, so I question the accuracy of Jack’s analogy there.

  9. Scyphi commented on Sheldon 2 days ago

    EXTREMELY different, the Greeks and Romans (they didn’t even originate in the same areas of Europe), but certainly a big influence on each other too, so that’s probably where the urge to view them as one and the same comes from.

  10. Scyphi commented on Wallace the Brave 2 days ago

    What world do you live in, Mrs. McClellan?