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  1. Scyphi commented on Edge City about 24 hours ago

    So… basically “keeping up with the Joneses” except with your kids. Yeah, that NEVER goes wrong…

  2. Scyphi commented on Garfield Classics 2 days ago

    Technically no. Garfield’s love for the dish was mentioned a few days earlier.

  3. Scyphi commented on Edge City 2 days ago

    Is this going to turn into a ego thing, where she makes a fuss about how she thinks nobody is treating her kid as being as smart as she wants him to be?

  4. Scyphi commented on Bad Machinery 2 days ago

    Oh, well, we can’t have that.

  5. Scyphi commented on Widdershins 3 days ago

    As usual, the villain is going to regret letting them have time for that last request.

  6. Scyphi commented on Ali's House 3 days ago

    Yeah, she definitely has to be struggling in her geography class…

  7. Scyphi commented on Bad Machinery 4 days ago

    Whoops! Yes, sorry, I meant Mildred.

  8. Scyphi commented on The Gentleman's Armchair 4 days ago

    They settled on Red Rover because Duck Duck Goose wasn’t working out.

  9. Scyphi commented on Bad Machinery 4 days ago

    To be fair, though, that’s not too shabby of a comeback on Jack’s part. Not the best, but it’s not a bad one either.

  10. Scyphi commented on Microcosm 5 days ago

    I know I’ve pointed this out before, but the orbits of Earth and Jupiter aren’t technically clear of debris either. Does that make them dwarf planets?
    I know, I know, the manner Earth and Jupiter interact with the other objects in their orbits isn’t in the same manner in which Pluto interacts with its own set of objects in its own orbit and that’s not what the criterion’s saying, but last I checked, it really doesn’t make a clear distinction about this, hence the criticism.
    I’m personally okay with the whole dwarf planet deal (and look at it this way, Pluto’s still technically a planet simply because the term “dwarf planet” still has the word “planet” in it), I just think that if they’re going to do it, don’t leave loose ends like this. Otherwise, you’re going to be forever haunted by gripers like Ather here.