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Starling by Sage Stossel


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  1. Scyphi commented on Starling about 4 hours ago

    Never going to live it down.

  2. Scyphi commented on Widdershins about 4 hours ago

    Stop being a prude Wiz, and banish the darn thing already.

    Also…“wizards,” plural? I thought Mr. OCD there was the only official wizard present…

  3. Scyphi commented on Edge City about 4 hours ago

    There are other coffee shops with free wi-fi out there anyway.

  4. Scyphi commented on Bad Machinery about 4 hours ago

    Besides, if she drinks it, then you won’t be miserable anymore.

  5. Scyphi commented on Garfield Classics 1 day ago

    One where the store owners can be easily convinced that Garfield is simply a service animal…

    …or they learned long ago not to stand between Garfield and his wants.

  6. Scyphi commented on Edge City 1 day ago

    He’s gotten so angry now he turned pale. Probably scared the ink right off him.

  7. Scyphi commented on Bad Machinery 1 day ago

    They’re at least semi-civilized though; I spy salt and pepper shakers by the wendigo eating in panel three.

    I’m more interested in what milk and wood have to do with chapter 4 of their studies though (see the white board in panel 5).

  8. Scyphi commented on Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog 1 day ago

    Tossing it at Refurb doesn’t really demonstrate how heavy it is though; guy’s come apart holding up far lighter things.

  9. Scyphi commented on Spirit of the Staircase 2 days ago


  10. Scyphi commented on Starling 2 days ago

    Look, YOU try to do the job and keep yourself looking spick and span…