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  1. lopaka commented on MythTickle about 13 hours ago

    From the dust cloud, I would think he needs to dust it off first.

  2. lopaka commented on Breaking Cat News 4 days ago

    How did you get to know my cats?

  3. lopaka commented on Green Humour 5 days ago

    And the next scat from said tiger will be a mix of field biologist and dung beetle

  4. lopaka commented on Matt Wuerker 6 days ago

    It is interesting that the trumpster relies on character assassination. Guess that it is because he is clueless when it comes to issues.

  5. lopaka commented on Speechless 6 days ago


  6. lopaka commented on Stuart Carlson 6 days ago

    The trumpets will still vote for him. They are not interested in issues. Just the circus.

  7. lopaka commented on Tom Toles 8 days ago

    Hillary to the trumpster – " I challenge you to a “tax info release” test. Once done, then lets talk about a drug test.

  8. lopaka commented on Speechless 9 days ago

    Like the headrest.

  9. lopaka commented on Jeff Danziger 10 days ago

    That is not a wife. It is a business acquisition.

  10. lopaka commented on Ollie and Quentin 29 days ago

    No, it should be a “lug head”