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  1. lopaka commented on MythTickle 5 days ago

    Ol’ Will always had a way with words

  2. lopaka commented on Jeff Danziger 7 days ago

    “see he has a picture of his daughter on his desk!!”

    No, that is one of his business deals – er, ummm…. his wife

  3. lopaka commented on Mike Lester 7 days ago

    Interesting. 4 gun control bills voted down by the senate – two authored by democrats, two by republicans. None had the name “Obama”.

  4. lopaka commented on Speechless 8 days ago


  5. lopaka commented on Buni 9 days ago

    I guess there is always more than one way to skin a cat

  6. lopaka commented on Tom Toles 10 days ago

    I have always looked at the press on the donald as flies on …t.

  7. lopaka commented on The Gentleman's Armchair 23 days ago

    Now if it goes around the moon completely, the ball may be on target.

  8. lopaka commented on Jeff Danziger 23 days ago

    This is similar to the single party vote where one enters the booth, shuts the curtain, pulls the chain that flushes the toilet and then runs. People are turning their backs on a very important principle in a democracy (or even in a republic with democratic representation.)

  9. lopaka commented on Non Sequitur 24 days ago

    Agreed. Elmer Fudd is my choice.

  10. lopaka commented on Speechless 25 days ago

    Don’t mess with Mother Nature. She messes back.