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  1. lopaka commented on Speechless 6 days ago

    Question- did the bunny go back and get more balloons or did it take them from the dog?

  2. lopaka commented on Buni 6 days ago

    So Cheerios drown after getting soggy. I always wondered about that.

  3. lopaka commented on Matt Bors 11 days ago

    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Yup. They were communist yesterday and I checked this morning and they still are.

    You a member of the 50 cent army?

  4. lopaka commented on Matt Bors 11 days ago

    Yea, damn communist cuba is such a threat. But, hey, let’s send thousands of American jobs to china, uh, red china, uhh, communist china – support communism.

  5. lopaka commented on Speechless 16 days ago

    I have been loosing sleep on this conundrum since the ladybugs got together – what do you call a male ladybug???? Is there a potential P.C. issue? If so, shouldn’t they be ‘person bugs’?

  6. lopaka commented on MythTickle 16 days ago


  7. lopaka commented on Jeff Danziger 16 days ago

    I think the megalomaniac is in this only for the press coverage. I do have a question for the press – why do you heap so much coverage on so much garbage?

  8. lopaka commented on Jim Morin 16 days ago

    I have a great idea, since communist Cuba is such a threat, lets have our corporations send several thousand more jobs to communist china

  9. lopaka commented on Buni 25 days ago

    Lovers’ leap

  10. lopaka commented on Jeff Danziger 28 days ago

    Yup, good ol’ communist china – hey corporate ceo’s, send red china several thousand more American jobs – you asses.