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  1. lopaka commented on Oyster War about 11 hours ago

    If the end is coming up, here’s hope that you have another story to tell.

  2. lopaka commented on Speechless 3 days ago

    That woman in the background sure visits the art gallery a lot.

  3. lopaka commented on Jeff Danziger 5 days ago

    saudi arabia and all the other countries around there should get their shiny, unused air forces, and their grunts in those spit shined boots into the action. If not we need to truck isis into their countries and let them die for their own causes.

  4. lopaka commented on MythTickle 6 days ago

    “Web comics for no profit”. It looks like GoComics is making a fortune with the many obnoxious, invasive ads. They should share some of that cash.

  5. lopaka commented on Speechless 7 days ago

    But they were in sail boats so they were never going to get there without wind so Jesus un-calmed the waters…………

  6. lopaka commented on Speechless 7 days ago

    Lol. Need some soft water here?

  7. lopaka commented on Rudy Park 7 days ago

    This is my rifle, this is my gun………….

  8. lopaka commented on Ten Cats 8 days ago

    Everybody should check out Rubes

  9. lopaka commented on Buni 8 days ago

    Its gotta be a Monday morning

  10. lopaka commented on Speechless 13 days ago

    Like the camera.