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  1. lopaka commented on Speechless about 4 hours ago

    That thing on the end of the stick certainly wasn’t the wishing star the turkey was hoping for.

  2. lopaka commented on Buni about 4 hours ago

    Dogi is thinking long and hard on this one.

  3. lopaka commented on Bent Objects about 4 hours ago

    I just spit my coffee on the terminal..

  4. lopaka commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken about 4 hours ago

    Must be in California

  5. lopaka commented on Non Sequitur about 4 hours ago

    It is now my favorite restaurant also. Where is it?

  6. lopaka commented on Speed Bump 1 day ago

    There is the centipede, the millipede. This was actually a terapede that was in a rush.

  7. lopaka commented on Breaking Cat News 1 day ago

    One of the best in an excellent strip.

  8. lopaka commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 6 days ago

    From Scientific American:
    “It began to take shape as a number, rather than a punctuation mark between numbers, in India in the fifth century A.D., says Robert Kaplan, author of The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero (Oxford University Press, 2000). “It isn’t until then, and not even fully then, that zero gets full citizenship in the republic of numbers,” Kaplan says. Some cultures were slow to accept the idea of zero, which for many carried darkly magical connotations. "

  9. lopaka commented on Matt Davies 9 days ago

    Got a great idea, let’s send thousands of American jobs to communist china, screw the American worker and support communism.

    What? Our “captains of industry” are doing this already?

  10. lopaka commented on Ken Catalino 9 days ago

    Little people in the governments and many of their citizens throughout the region cower in a corner and say that America should do something.
    We should pull back and insist it is time for those countries get the guts to go after daesh. Only when this happens, we would return. If they don’t like that, maybe we should offer to truck daesh into those countries.
    Why are good Americans dying for these people?