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  1. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 1 day ago

    I don’t quite think so. Whilst the Dittos have some mass, since they physically exist (since things like shooting them makes them scatter) I don’t think they’re heavy enough to mimic solid objects larger than a sheet of paper.

  2. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 1 day ago

    Well, this should be interesting, especially since Kirby and Chico were at least 20 feet away, it wasn’t like it was stolen, right out of Holly’s gripped fingers.

  3. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 4 days ago

    I don’t think their relationship is over just yet, nor do I think this is Schism Syndrome. The latter seems to stem from the disconnect of a human mind with an inhuman body, and Holly seems to be accepting that she’s a three-something-foot anthropomorphic mouse with a human brain. The former, well, I’d like to think these two have been together long enough that one argument, even as severe as this one, isn’t going to tear their common-law marriage asunder.
    I do feel, though, that Clive has become a proxy of the child Holly lost. Word of God said that the child lost wasn’t Holly’s and Wally’s, and prior to Wally, Holly hadn’t been with anyone else, so it’s easily deduced that this happened to a Human Holly, pre cataclysm.
    Holly, to me, seems to be, whilst not immature, certainly not very mature, and I’d peg her around her middle twenties, meaning if the world as we know it (and no one feels fine) ended about 6 years ago, that would make Holly around 20, maybe 22 when she had her miscarriage. I’m also thinking that perhaps she had really no support after the event, perhaps because of the looming, very short war. So, she ran from people. at first emotionally, and psychologically, and when she woke up all mousy, physically. She came to terms with things, not healed, but scarred over.
    Then came the trial, and more importantly the incarceration during the trial. She was caged, locked away in a room with two other people, forced to eat, sleep, defecate in a corner, and be unable to move for months. She was humiliated, psychologically tortured, and made broken. She was back at square one, and she needed to run. At this point she did have support in Wally, but, he’s certainly no psychologist, just a pacifistic survivalist.
    Now there’s Clive. A brain-in-a-jar that, when revealed, accepted life as it was in a bitter, snarky way and just moved on, something that Holly aspires to, to get rid of the hurt. Clive also is something helpless, needing nurturing and mothering. A balm for both of her sores, but just a soothing balm, without any real medicine to cure.

  4. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 4 days ago

    For some reason a new comic page the same as the last one has been put up. Heh, right after I put up a long post!

  5. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 7 days ago

    Welp, there’s the ol’ crazy eyes…

  6. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 9 days ago

    Soo, Holly. What was that about wanting to ditch Kirby?

  7. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 11 days ago

    Good job Kirbs!

  8. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 14 days ago

    Guessing the MUTTs are now wondering why Clive is scooting on its own…

  9. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 16 days ago

    I think there’s only one sound that matches this:

  10. Gildedtongue commented on Endtown 21 days ago

    The fastest mouse in the wastes, save for one kitty.

    But, yeah, understandable they’ve been keeping tabs on their brains lately. The last time they let one get taken away, it was put into a flying robot body which threw a considerable monkey wrench in, albeit fake, rocket ship.