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  1. mbandy1 commented on Close to Home over 3 years ago

    There is one thing that this comic strip is missing, and it is necessary for all successful comic strips to have this missing attribute. The comic strip “Close to Home” has no relate-ability. The cast of characters differ in every strip making it hard for them to have a defined personality. In causality, this lack of personality makes it hard for the reader to make a connection. The strip is also poorly drawn which takes away from the relate-ability as well. It is a lot easier to relate to the cute little kitty – Mooch – in the strip “Mutts” by Patrick McDonnell than crudely drawn Ed the plumber. On top of that, the jokes in this strip are hardly funny. There are four rungs to the comedic ladder; at the top there is the comedy of ideas, like that in “Calvin and Hobbes” by Bill Watterson. At the bottom of the ladder there is “Close to Home”, also known as low comedy. It is the kind of comedy that comes from cartoon violence. Now on occasion McPherson does step it up to situational comedy, but that’s the highest rung he ever reaches.