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  1. SFpagan commented on Lio 5 days ago

    Go to today’s Last Kiss comic to see where the head ended up.

  2. SFpagan commented on Non Sequitur 6 days ago

    If I’m gonna jump because of those two pieces of scum, I’d rather do it on their bodies repeatedly.

  3. SFpagan commented on Joe Heller 12 days ago

    and the democrats choice is that much different?

  4. SFpagan commented on Tom Toles 12 days ago

    Only happens if Hilary supporters get into voting booths on election day. But that requires a little more effort than being part of mob for tv/media cameras and/or letting pollsters walk up to you for quick notation. I think that’s why my democrat friends get in tizzy when I say I’m voting for a third party candidate for president.

  5. SFpagan commented on Steve Benson 14 days ago

    @ARodney, if the polls are correct then the democrats shouldn’t be belittling me for voting for a third candidate. But the dems know that most of those polled for Clinton,and the anti-Trumpers will be to lazy to get into election booths to back their opinions. Whereas the Trump voters (known &secretive) are fanatic enough to get to those election polls.

  6. SFpagan commented on Jerry Holbert 21 days ago

    and we’re just as dumb to pay for Hilary….

  7. SFpagan commented on Tom Toles 21 days ago

    Right and Kaine Hilary is supposed to be better? Lost a lot of respect for Kaine from that debate. Just makes voting for Johnson less a crazy idea.

  8. SFpagan commented on Nick Anderson 25 days ago

    yet he’s harmless compared to Trump and Clinton

  9. SFpagan commented on Brevity 27 days ago

    Gesundheit is german for “good health” letting the person who sneezed know they hope the sneeze isn’t of bad health in the making. Sometimes Gesundheit is also spoken when toasting drinks.

  10. SFpagan commented on Scary Gary about 1 month ago

    with strip being in B & W it’s hard to tell if that’s daylight or night with full moon.