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  1. danielsangeo commented on Wayne Stayskal about 7 years ago

    So, it’s not technically a tax on the middle class (the tax is on the employer, not the employee, whom pass the costs down the line). One could, potentially, create an amendment that states that the employer may not pass the cost on to the employees. Remember, none of the bills are final yet so everyone is going ape over a draft.

    By the way, nearly every liberal I talk to hates the Baucus bill (not sure if you’ll hear about that on the ‘liberal’ MSM).

  2. danielsangeo commented on Ken Catalino about 7 years ago

    Even though Obama wasn’t a liar?

  3. danielsangeo commented on Dana Summers about 7 years ago

    You know what’s funny for me?

    They try their hardest to find wrongdoing in ACORN (which you can find in any organization or corporation) and say that it’s fault of the top…but when it comes to Abu Ghraib, it’s just some wrongdoers….

  4. danielsangeo commented on Wayne Stayskal about 7 years ago

    Why did the guy change subjects mid-sentence?

  5. danielsangeo commented on Mike Luckovich about 7 years ago

    And yet, for all the focus on his life, not a single piece of evidence has ever come out that Jackson ever did such a despicable thing.

    In fact, those that immediately jump on to the “he’s a child molester!” bandwagon have more issues than he did; they’re the ones that think everything must always be sexual all the time.

  6. danielsangeo commented on Clay Jones about 7 years ago

    “Just think of your secretary…”

  7. danielsangeo commented on Bob Gorrell about 7 years ago

    “Why all the commentary. Businessmen just supply what the public demands. ie NO DEMAND; no supply.”

    The news should not be a “business”.

  8. danielsangeo commented on Donna Barstow about 7 years ago

    lightartsteacher: We read this cartoon to see what “the other side” is saying. If we simply wanted our opinions validated by others that agreed with us, we’d be Republicans.

  9. danielsangeo commented on Chuck Asay about 7 years ago

    Meanwhile, your phony religion of “FAIR TAX” has been debunked eight ways to Sunday.

  10. danielsangeo commented on Chuck Asay over 7 years ago

    harley: Perhaps the conservatives (and I’m including those that call themselves “conservatives”) should’ve thought about that when they spent this country into the ditch while reducing revenue.

    Now we either cut services which will steer us into a death spiral or we spend money on things that will create jobs which will, eventually, pull us out.

    Which do you prefer?