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  1. danielsangeo commented on Ken Catalino about 7 years ago

    Even though Obama wasn’t a liar?

  2. danielsangeo commented on Dana Summers about 7 years ago

    You know what’s funny for me?

    They try their hardest to find wrongdoing in ACORN (which you can find in any organization or corporation) and say that it’s fault of the top…but when it comes to Abu Ghraib, it’s just some wrongdoers….

  3. danielsangeo commented on Mike Luckovich over 7 years ago

    And yet, for all the focus on his life, not a single piece of evidence has ever come out that Jackson ever did such a despicable thing.

    In fact, those that immediately jump on to the “he’s a child molester!” bandwagon have more issues than he did; they’re the ones that think everything must always be sexual all the time.

  4. danielsangeo commented on Clay Jones over 7 years ago

    “Just think of your secretary…”

  5. danielsangeo commented on Bob Gorrell over 7 years ago

    “Why all the commentary. Businessmen just supply what the public demands. ie NO DEMAND; no supply.”

    The news should not be a “business”.

  6. danielsangeo commented on Michael Ramirez over 7 years ago

    HOWGOZIT: Actually, our government is supposed to govern, not lead.

  7. danielsangeo commented on Faces of the News by Kerry Waghorn over 7 years ago

    oldlego: Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. Doesn’t mean that you did what people are accusing you of.

    And with people immediately jumping on the “sex” train tells more about those people than it does about Michael Jackson.

  8. danielsangeo commented on Gary Varvel over 7 years ago

    “Spending taxpayer money is a harder habit to kick.”

    So, how do you propose to run the country?

  9. danielsangeo commented on Michael Ramirez over 7 years ago

    “Ramirez is right on, except BHO’s answer to how many states there are. There are 57.”

    Err, no.

  10. danielsangeo commented on Pat Oliphant over 7 years ago

    senor: I was actually on vacation. :-)