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  1. BigBubbie commented on Cathy 9 months ago

    I’m an Aries and I’m happy to be so!

  2. BigBubbie commented on Luann 9 months ago

    It’s called FLOP. The groom contributes to the Flowers, the Liquor, the Orchestra and the wedding Photography.

  3. BigBubbie commented on Pickles 9 months ago

    I often dilute prune juice when it is too sweet and syrupy. It works well and is not as strong.

  4. BigBubbie commented on Flo and Friends 9 months ago

    How about “Dumb Humor for Dummies?”

  5. BigBubbie commented on Dark Side of the Horse 9 months ago

    Now I know what to look for in a new condo! The building maintenance can take care of the rest!

  6. BigBubbie commented on Luann 10 months ago

    Why is Frank wearing dark glasses in the second panel when it is after dark? He is missing out on the fireworks and all the bright lights and colors!

  7. BigBubbie commented on Dark Side of the Horse 10 months ago

    Better not use botanical shampoo! In the summer heat it would be difficult to sit out in the sun! On the otherhand, you won’t need a hat either.

  8. BigBubbie commented on Pickles 10 months ago

    All the socks go to “Sock Heaven” where they wait for their “Sole Mate”.

  9. BigBubbie commented on Luann 12 months ago

    Tradition …The groom provides the ring. It doesn’t matter if it is an expensive diamond or something out of a cereal box. Also, the groom traditionally is the one to propose like what happened to the old “getting down on one knee and presenting her with the engagement ring?” I can see where, down the road, Toni will wind up being the dominant wife and Brad will end up being the “henpecked” husband. This all remains to be seen.