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  1. Danielmlib commented on U.S. Acres 4 days ago

    From the swing set mini series after Booker got wound up in a swing as there was crushed chicken. As Roy was distracted by a hay stacker and rode a bale like a raging bull before landing in the barn loft. The other animals turned Roy into chicken sandwich.

  2. Danielmlib commented on Lio 4 days ago

    After the recent news article of a swimmer apparently skinny dipping when out of nowhere a shark surfaced and ate the swimmer alive stunning witnesses as there wasn’t much that couldn’t be done to save the swimmer.

  3. Danielmlib commented on Thatababy 5 days ago

    After going through months of changing diapers that made you gag as you are prepared to potty train your infant as you are wanting to celebrate the first dumping as the infant does their own ways to signal its time to have their diaper changed.

  4. Danielmlib commented on U.S. Acres 8 days ago

    After Roy used Wade as a catapult and loaded a blueberry pie on Wade’s beak and set him up to launch the pie at Orson. There was times Roy met up with Lanolin then gave a remark of fuzz face as she bitch slapped him to the point she took his beak off.

  5. Danielmlib commented on Rubes 10 days ago

    What if the stork had delivered a set of twins sharing certain organs as top surgeons wouldn’t even consider separating the twins as risks are high over loosing both twins.

  6. Danielmlib commented on W.T. Duck 10 days ago

    After using fowl language what if discipline is to have the mouth washed out with soap.

  7. Danielmlib commented on Ziggy 10 days ago

    What if Ziggy learnt his lesson after going with a adjustable rate mortgage when bankers came as Ziggy had stepped out of the shower as the bankers wanted even more payments before the bankers whipped out their smartphones and took pictures of naked Ziggy still dripping wet and uploaded the pictures if he doesn’t make the extra payments.

  8. Danielmlib commented on Arlo and Janis 11 days ago

    Of the whole house intercoms what if there was an intercom near the bathtub as it was code to be low voltage. Long before wireless telephones were scrambled people with scanners can pick up everything from drug deals and hiring of a hit man as a case of a drug deal went on as the accused was dumb enough to give out their address which was recorded and sent anonymously to the police chief. Days later there was no signal as the accused was disciplined for their actions as family members were officers.

  9. Danielmlib commented on Zack Hill 11 days ago

    As Jan cleaned out the refrigerator and thrown out expired food as Cagney helped himself to the expired food. The next day what if Cagney comes down with an upset stomach and couldn’t keep his meal down. As the hills have to make an appointment with the veterinarian.

  10. Danielmlib commented on Calvin and Hobbes 11 days ago

    What if there was times as Hobbes was sleeping as Calvin snuck up and gave Hobbes a tummy rub as he learnt certain types of attention angers Hobbes as Calvin learns how painful a set of razor sharp claws are on flesh.