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  1. Danielmlib commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken about 1 hour ago

    After donkey zeroed in on the location chicken was held before barging his way in as chicken along with turkeys were held for a turkey shoot as a hunter was committed on firing a shot not before the hat could have been blown off chicken’s head before he was rescued still tied up.

  2. Danielmlib commented on Dog Eat Doug about 1 hour ago

    Whatever reason Sophie was running off the dock into the lake before it would likely be the frog from the barn wanting a heads up before she jumps into the lake.

  3. Danielmlib commented on Lio about 10 hours ago

    After Lio found artillery in Cybil’s cat toy box as it wouldn’t be pretty what she has plans on using the artillery for as she was trying to look innocent like guard duck from pearls before swine.

  4. Danielmlib commented on U.S. Acres about 19 hours ago

    Instead of Orson being startled of the giant flower what if Roy was in the area as like the time booker got his hands on the giant flower and brought it to the chicken coop where Roy’s sneeze leveled the coop and both his and booker’s feathers go flying. the other day what if Lio fed the flower fertalyzer.

  5. Danielmlib commented on Garfield Classics about 23 hours ago

    Another way Lyman knew little about cats after petting Garfield backwards when he shed on Lyman’s disco suit.

  6. Danielmlib commented on Heathcliff 1 day ago

    As questions needed to be answered as to how the canine got into Heathcliff’s concert before they barely got out alive after Heathcliff and the rest of the felines turned on the canine as they learn quickly not to tick off a feline or learn quickly how painful a set of razor sharp claws are against fur and flesh.

  7. Danielmlib commented on Learn to Speak Cat 1 day ago

    Another way the felines could enjoy a snack is after birdies fly into a window and is injured then is enjoyed as a meal before they succumb to their injuries.

  8. Danielmlib commented on Raising Duncan 1 day ago

    While Adele was trying to write a book when she was interrupted by noises and went to investigate when she found big daddy enjoying a bag of pretzels when both Brambley and Duncan were underfoot as he could have gotten into the bag and helped himself.

  9. Danielmlib commented on Reply All Lite 1 day ago

    As Lizzy was out of school for two decades and got the urge to go on a school supply trip as she better have a reason to do something with the supplies other than donate them to those in need.

  10. Danielmlib commented on Marmaduke 1 day ago

    As the neighbors are responsible for feeding the squirrels as Marmaduke’s owners should leave out several fermenting apples while watching for the reaction to drunk squirrels.