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  1. mwthurlow commented on Tom the Dancing Bug over 5 years ago

    My sister-in-law took a computer course with government aid that taught her about punch cards and tape drives. A nice scam to take government money.

  2. mwthurlow commented on ViewsAfrica over 6 years ago

    You are right, omQ R. ComYics makes no sense.

  3. mwthurlow commented on ViewsAfrica over 6 years ago

    Sure everyone’s at it. That doesn’t make it right. Most countries don’t control their corporation’s activities abroad, so the benefit (if any) depends on the corporate culture and their benevolence. Of course, this benevolence comes after massive profits. it’s so wrong! I’ll bet there are very few laws controling how much pesticide run-off gets into that river. Every colonial ruler thinks they are helping the people. In the 19th century, European powers though they were helping by giving people a chance to “westernize”– that is get a job in a factory or farm and work for money, no more “tribal lands.” And why can’t all you tribes in this half million square kilometers get along and be a country like we have in Europe? (Sarcasm alert!)

  4. mwthurlow commented on Doonesbury almost 7 years ago

    Its one of the aids saying “Who the hell is…” and the prez answering. So Trudeau is having it both ways a little bit by saying that even though this president’s Afgan policy is wrong, he’s smart enough to know who Festinger is, and to know that Mark is right.

  5. mwthurlow commented on Yenny Lopez over 7 years ago

    Please, someone tell me what asopao is besides being obviously yellow and flat.