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  1. mskemple commented on Rebecca Hendin 2 days ago

    Entertainment value is exactly the point . Political capitol and media exposure – votes. Mosby and others have ensured that this will be a “big production”.

  2. mskemple commented on Rebecca Hendin 2 days ago

    Why? Because that person has a viewpoint different than your own? Now who’s being intolerant?

  3. mskemple commented on Bob Gorrell 3 days ago

    Just some food for thought here . One thing I noticed in the film clips was a bicycle , lotsa bolts on a bike , was Freddy taken down by a bike cop ? The bolt impression in his head , how sure are they that it came from the van interior. Is it possible Freddy was injured in the initial takedown and no one noticed ? We don’t see any clips of his takedown. Could his injury have happened early enough in the ordeal so as to have given the officers reason to believe Freddy was “high”? I,m not saying that the cops are not responsible for negligence and the worst kind at that – but will proof be found sufficient to support a murder charge? I have a sneaking suspicion that all they will be found guilty of is negligent homicide – Which is very scary when you think of how many cops could be just as indifferent in regard to the value of life at this very moment.

  4. mskemple commented on Drew Sheneman 6 days ago

    Spot on observance here! Just how much has the media done to influence protests , riots , and looters in Baltimore , Ferguson and elsewhere?

  5. mskemple commented on Jeff Stahler 7 days ago

    I do hope you were talking about “all” the people as I think MLK was colorblind!

  6. mskemple commented on Scott Stantis 7 days ago

    Except for the initial response , which was weak and poorly thought out I think Baltimore is doing well at this point. The first nights violence was largely directed at property , not people. Yesterday huge groups of civic minded people took to the streets in support of the cops/city and helped keep things peaceful. It would seem no matter where in the U.S. you go there will always be a minority of violent , frustrated ,lawless , thugs willing to " loot and burn" at the drop of a hat. Thank goodness that in Baltimore there are an equal or greater number of folks willing to stand up for what they have built and protect it!

  7. mskemple commented on Michael Ramirez 18 days ago

    Well what I see in this toon is an almost " Don Martin " esque’ character . Well drawn IMO !

  8. mskemple commented on Bob Gorrell 18 days ago

    Finally , we get the real story!

  9. mskemple commented on Chip Bok 18 days ago

    Reid admits it was an outright lie , and he has done so on more than one occasion. But all you left wing nut jobs out there can do nothing but defend him and belittle Mitt – who by the way isn’t even running in 2016. Such honor , such heroic bravery , such bullfeathers , and coming out of it’s usual source – the left!

  10. mskemple commented on Joe Heller 29 days ago

    All you lefty’s think you can predict the coming gloom and doom of a Republican led scenario. All you really need to do is look back 6.5 years and ask , "rebuild our crumbling infrastructure " or “shovel ready jobs” Barry – what the hell happened ? And where did our money go?