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  1. mskemple commented on Dan Wasserman 5 months ago

    Sorry Tigger but you are so offbase on this one. We don’t have many mental health facilities left in this country , and at a time when mental illness seems to be on the rise. For years now what many states are doing is placing the mentally ill in jails instead of giving them proper care. While it may provide the illusion of protecting society from " dangerous people " it is IMO a cruel injustice. When you factor in the number of jails that are privately owned and the fact that each inmate provides the owner a fat paycheck from taxpayers , then motives become more clear!

  2. mskemple commented on Matt Davies 7 months ago

    What gets me laughing are all the folks trapped on the roads in other areas of the southeast. After all the predictions and Atlanta two weeks prior , Get a clue people!

  3. mskemple commented on Matt Bors 7 months ago

    He was impeached on two charges after having been charged with four . The impeachment vote took place in the house , the senate failed to reach a vote for removal of office mainly because not a single democrat voted for it , some republicans also voted not to have him removed from office. To impeach does not necessarily mean removal from office depending on the severity of the crime. The votes in both houses of congress were almost entirely along party lines – it was IMO nearly as big an injustice as the Obama presidency! Facts are facts though Bill found guilty by HOR !

  4. mskemple commented on Pat Oliphant 7 months ago

    With her recent comments being unearthed and knowing how ruthless a politician she can be I am left wondering if maybe she orchestrated the whole lewenski scandal to distract from Bill’s “real” crimes. Bringing it out again will help distract from hers as well!

  5. mskemple commented on Scott Stantis 7 months ago

    What was needed was insurance reform and medical cost averaging , not what we got.

  6. mskemple commented on Jeff Stahler 7 months ago

    Thank You “Bright Eyes” !

  7. mskemple commented on Ted Rall 7 months ago

    Do you Mr. Rall have any suggestions on a “tool” the populous could utilize too fight greed.

  8. mskemple commented on Matt Bors 7 months ago

    Not to harp on the devil in the blue dress scandal , but the real and nearly forgotten result was that focus was diverted from Bill’s real crimes against the people and the office were almost completely overlooked – abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

  9. mskemple commented on Lisa Benson 7 months ago

    Exactly , the U.S. government IS the largest employer in the U.S. . And it is now owned by “The Government” and not the people!

  10. mskemple commented on Clay Bennett 7 months ago

    Whole nother can of worms there 4183. But if you’ve read through craigs list ads or applications for starter jobs lately – you’ll see just how correct you are about illiteracy problem!