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  1. cheapskate0 commented on Prickly City 2 days ago

    “Didn’t any of you notice the mistake? It should have been HunnyBunny not Hilary” – actually, I did, but didn’t know whether to comment. Perhaps a “mistake,” or is Stantis coming around to the idea that Hunny Bunny does not represent Hillary after all?

  2. cheapskate0 commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    A secret wish of mine is that, someday, as long as Lunarians are to remain a prominent feature of this incarnation of Dick Tracy, is that maybe the original Moon Maid really did survive, after all. At some point, perhaps with Mindy’s consciousness meddling with Mysta’s DNA, that the new Moon Maid will create a mess so bad that the original Mysta will have to return to straighten it out.

  3. cheapskate0 commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Beginning with yesterday’s first showing of Mysta’s “chill room,” I can only say that this is a reminder of how much I miss the original Moon Maid – and how much I (and others) wanted Mysta to have been the original, as well. Of course, we know that she isn’t. And while I, personally, don’t buy that Lunar DNA totally wiping out the consciousness and existence of criminal Mindy Ermine, nevertheless, that is the “reality” that we have been dealt for the time being.

  4. cheapskate0 commented on Prickly City 2 days ago

    “Bwahahaha… THAT was actually funny!”.I agree! Perhaps the topical PC in a while!

  5. cheapskate0 commented on Endtown 7 days ago

    Mystery man in the fourth panel, final clue: I can’t imagine Wally freaking out at anything – except seeing himself prior to his “mutation”!

  6. cheapskate0 commented on Prickly City 7 days ago

    (and Al Nala): Delusion and ignorance in this strip and its commentators is related to the fact that these strips are at least two weeks out-of-sync with the real world. So much has changed since these strips were originally inked that they not only don’t make sense, but the events they depict not only didn’t happen, but no longer need to.

  7. cheapskate0 commented on Endtown 9 days ago

    In my humble opinion, I would love to explore the possibility that, for an extended period of time, we and Wally are allowed to believe that Holly is dead, and the relationship between Wally and Kirby is allowed to expand. Remembering that Aaron’s tale of a couple weeks in lizard land took over two years to tell, this ought not to be difficult. Then let Holly return.

  8. cheapskate0 commented on Endtown 9 days ago

    Fast forward to Endtown: Wally is married to Holly, who has disappeared. Kirby is with us, and it is clear that Kirby has feelings for Wally. I’m not into exploring adultery, per se, so I’m glad nothing has developed between them, thus far. But Holly has since disappeared and her fate, thus far, is equally unknown.

  9. cheapskate0 commented on Endtown 9 days ago

    Background: A couple years ago, Dick Tracy revived the Moon Maid, a character from the days of Chester Gould, the original artist. Complications: At one time, Moon Maid was married to Junior, Dick Tracy’s adopted son. Currently, Junior is married to Sparkle. Before the big reveal, it was entertaining to consider, what about the rights of a woman and her marriage IF she had been declared legally dead – by mistake. The big reveal: This Moon Maid is not the original.

  10. cheapskate0 commented on Prickly City 12 days ago

    Don’t think I learned a thing about “crony capitalism” here. I think I did see something about racial discrimination. However, Winslow is of a different species, not necessarily race. Does that make this argument specious? (Should be a Pearls Before Swine punch line!)