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Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 4 months ago

    Interesting. “Greatest country on earth destroyed?” I would have thought that pretty much ALL the countries were destroyed, given the nature of the wars, but maybe not?

  2. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 9 months ago

    Oh, dear. “Going to do Endtown a world of good” doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be alive at the end of whatever it is that’s coming, or that he won’t do the most good by serving as a really horrible example.

  3. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 10 months ago

    Nicely played, Aaron. I don’t believe that Jake planned this and manipulated Allgood into stacking the counsel (otherwise he would have done it himself), but he certainly knew how to take advantage of it when he found out.

  4. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 10 months ago

    Just a reminder that fanatics are dangerous, even if one happens to agree with the general direction of their extremism.

  5. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 10 months ago

    “Let us not assassinate this lady further, Allgood. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? "

  6. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 12 months ago

    I think that some of the Doc’s wind-up guns have more stopping power than the rats pea-shooters, especially if you lob one towards the target just before it self-destructs. This whole thing begs the question of what the rats function is. Protection? Obviously they’ve failed, since killing the Endtowners is a pretty poor way of protecting them. Maintaining a power hierarchy and enforcing the rule of the Council? They’re failing at that, too, given that the public no longer has any confidence in the impartiality of the Council. This has the potential to turn into a total furball, no pun intended.

  7. Ponyhome commented on Endtown about 1 year ago

    I understand his attitude completely. There are circles of concern, and circles of influence. Imagining that something is in your circle of concern, when it is outside your circle of influence is either masochism or mere voyeurism. Even if he’s wracked with concern over the course of the trial, what can he do? Will his rapt attention and ulcers affect the council? Not in the least. I agree with Doc Rat—great change of pace, showing crowd reaction, and turning the intensity of the participants upside-down.

  8. Ponyhome commented on Endtown about 1 year ago

    I love the way Aaron avoids the simplistic idea of “good guys” and “bad guys.” One of the topsiders turns out to be a decent human being, Jacob was once a dangerous zealot, but now may be the only hope of salvation, Flask, ultimately saved all of them. I’m betting even the panda will have his moment of glory. Well, except for the Keystone Rats, maybe. They don’t seem to have enough brains to be redeemable.

  9. Ponyhome commented on Endtown about 1 year ago

    Actually, throwing stones may accomplish a lot more. With a machine gun you can kill him, and with a ray gun you can disintegrate him, neither of which will accomplish much. But with stones, you can change his mind, make him recognize that his methods are not as popular as he thinks they are. The question now is not “who is throwing stones,” but “is there anybody who ISN’T?”

  10. Ponyhome commented on Endtown about 1 year ago

    Evil wraps itself in half-true, misleading, and outright fabricated statistics, rational-sounding arguments which are built on a superstructure of lies and distortions. Evil wants control, nothing else. It takes skeptical thinking and a mindset of “is that REALLY true?” to avoid being sucked into the ignorant abyss of the controlled and manipulated. Take Portland, OR, which has a murder rate of 3.4/100,000. Gosh, sounds terrible! Something must be horribly wrong! Oh, wait—the national average is 5.5/100,000m and Portland is slightly below Virginia Beach, VA, and WELL below Arlington, Texas. What to make of that? Nothing, if one is sane, and not attempting to mislead. Certainly not any correlation related to drug legality.