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Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 7 days ago

    This has been foreshadowed. Every time Lyn has looked at Wally in the past, he’s given him a dirty, angry, hostile look, as though he blames Wally for everything that has gone wrong. Somebody has a major grudge against Wally, it would seem.

  2. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 15 days ago

    That badge looks a lot whiter than it did in the previous pages. Looking back on this sequence, I’m just amazed at what Aaron has done. The level of detail, of world building. This is so amazingly cinematic. Sometimes I’m just blown away.

  3. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 23 days ago

    It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…

  4. Ponyhome commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    I think this is just a proto holding area with the first refugees from Hillside. A lot (or even all) of these people may not find their way to Endtown at all. There were other mutant colonies besides Endtown, and a lot of them got wiped out by Topsiders. The cities above have not yet been reduced to dust.

  5. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 2 months ago

    Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a veterinarian!

  6. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    Hanging a lampshade on character design. Well done!

  7. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    I would have never figured out the relationship, given that previously Doc called her “Miss Hollister.” (5/9/2011)

  8. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    Between having a miscarriage, turning into a mouse, seeing her husband turn into a horror, then blown up by the very bombs she brought home, seeing Doc shot by weird vacuform men, turn into a furry critter, having to save both of them from flaming death in a crashing car, being chased by an angry mob and horde of bombs into another den of monsters where they barely escaped with their lives… it has been a very long day for Holly.

  9. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    If a half dozen BuddiBombs could level a city block, I don’t think Holly can reach a safe radius. Of course, this is history, so she must have, but dang…

  10. Ponyhome commented on Endtown 4 months ago

    So “Disease Control” ended up in charge of Topside.