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  1. 1995Sidecar commented on Bloom County 3 months ago

    better to be labeled a liberal than a progressive.

  2. 1995Sidecar commented on The Boondocks 4 months ago

    It is so refreshing to find that there are still some nice folks in the world.

  3. 1995Sidecar commented on Prickly City 7 months ago

    It would be interesting to see each party/candidate focus on what they will do for the people rather than what their opponent will do to us.

  4. 1995Sidecar commented on The Boondocks 8 months ago

    Grass sure does grow fast for March.

  5. 1995Sidecar commented on Close to Home 8 months ago

    I think I used to date his sister.

  6. 1995Sidecar commented on Cul de Sac 8 months ago

    You all realize that Alice is not actually in school. The Bliss School is a day care.

  7. 1995Sidecar commented on Candorville 11 months ago

    A flat tax is a great idea, but who will hire all of the out of works IRS people and CPAs?

  8. 1995Sidecar commented on Daddy's Home about 1 year ago

    Honey (bee puke?) lemon and brandy in tea, a cure for anything that ails ya!

  9. 1995Sidecar commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 year ago

    a comment for the_kraut. My friend it is the funny papers not a commentary on life. You need to get aa life.

  10. 1995Sidecar commented on Monty over 1 year ago

    I do believe if you find the comics not to your liking rather than criticize, just quit reading them. I’m sure you can find something to entertain you. Perhaps the National enquirer.