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  1. Jolee commented on Just Say Uncle over 3 years ago

    Good strip, Dan. Makes me think I better cut back on the hot dogs myself. Cousin JMo

  2. Jolee commented on Just Say Uncle almost 4 years ago

    Hey Couz……
    So I’ve got a question for you? Is Uncle Norm actually my Uncle Pete??
    I told all my art students about your strip and they’re signing up fast. These high school kids think it’s really cool and so do I. I’m extremely proud of you. Hopefully, all these Reedsburg Area High School kids signing up will help keep your strip up & running on GoComics.
    Great to see your dream becoming a reality. You are a true work of art! Jolee, John & 5 bassets :) :)

  3. Jolee commented on Just Say Uncle almost 4 years ago

    So Cousin, is Uncle Norm actually Uncle Pete??
    Hey, I’m having all my art students register. Hopefully, that will keep your new comic strip going strong! Congrats on your dream coming true. Jolee, John & 5 bassets