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  1. daddyvortex commented on Clay Jones 6 days ago

    Actual turds in the punchbowl are named Hillary and Barack.

  2. daddyvortex commented on Jerry Holbert 9 days ago

    From what that dictionary reader is quoting, The Donald ought to ask Crooked Hillary to be his VP.

  3. daddyvortex commented on Scott Stantis 9 days ago

    Was there something chiseled into stone in the SCOTUS building about “equal justice under law”?

  4. daddyvortex commented on Jeff Stahler 17 days ago

    As Mission Juno approaches the vast corrupt afflatus of Clinton Inc.

  5. daddyvortex commented on Clay Jones 17 days ago

    Never fear, some new Hilly/Billy scandal will be along soon.

  6. daddyvortex commented on Darrin Bell 19 days ago

    Now Bell, apply your analysis to the use of guns to stop criminal acts.

  7. daddyvortex commented on Tom Toles 20 days ago

    The Clinton Foundation guide to charitable giving would show only hands bearing speaker’s fees stuffing Billy’s and Hilly’s pockets.

  8. daddyvortex commented on Matt Davies 22 days ago

    Uh, what gender is that grunt slogging towards “War”. I guess your point is “why ask?”

  9. daddyvortex commented on Clay Bennett 22 days ago

    Picture a gun store in the center of the maze. If you would like your unenumerated rights respected, you may have to respect the enumerated constitutional rights of others.

  10. daddyvortex commented on Jim Morin 23 days ago

    Sure beats Obamalamachittychittybangbang’s drafting us into a nation of targets to suit his fantasies.