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  1. paisleyking commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    He hasn’t had the epiphany that all that negativity is within himself. And he resisted everything but still had to do it. All that energy wasted in pushing back at everything could be used in more positive ways that are active, not reactive. Will he ever learn?

  2. paisleyking commented on Matt Wuerker over 3 years ago

    You conservatives are so willing to allow corporations to run roughshod and unregulated over the people. You miss the whole point of government- ‘of the people, by the people, for the people." The US of A does not exist for the corporation’s benefit, but to protect and extend the rights of its citizens. By and large, corporations have no conscience, and my experience has been they have little concern for even their employee’s welfare let alone the rest of the population. They cannot be trusted to set fair wages, take care of their employees, be kind the the environment, etc. WE the people are the reason they are in business- we are their consumer base. Their short-term drive for profits won’t work in the long term if the consumer base has no purchasing power.

  3. paisleyking commented on Ordinary Bill over 3 years ago

    I have that relationship with my dog! He gets me outside every day, and you know what? It’s pretty nice most of the time if you dress right.

  4. paisleyking commented on Matt Wuerker over 3 years ago

    So is that a good thing? Are you so blind that you can’t see the trend of voter suppression in GOP governed states for the purpose of swaying elections? Does it really do any harm to keep a law in place that protects the rights of US citizen’s voting rights so they are not undercut by partisan politics? Who’s side are you on here? I side with the American voter, whatever his/ her political persuasion may be. Let the people decide.