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  1. mugens commented on Prickly City about 22 hours ago

    You cannot be that clueless. I mean really????

  2. mugens commented on Wizard of Id 3 days ago

    There are an awful lot of John Ford movies that might need a rethinking then….

  3. mugens commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    The truth of the matter is that all the current problems in the Middle East started right after WWI, when the British in their infinite wisdom carved up the area and created these fake countries that exist today, that had not been in existence before then. Its been all downhill since that time.

  4. mugens commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    Well said but you may need to add a few more names to the “Obushama” mash up to keep the natives happy.

  5. mugens commented on Herb and Jamaal 5 days ago

    Ahhh truer words have never been said…

  6. mugens commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    Oh really??? And you go that assumption where?

  7. mugens commented on Doonesbury 5 days ago

    Yeah I seem to remember that too…

  8. mugens commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    It would definitely have to be more than the “one” that happened in this country thus far, and evidently that was more due to the inadequate response of the hospital than the ability of this country to actually care for our people. If you notice the others that are actually stricken are hanging in there fairly well at this point.

  9. mugens commented on Get Fuzzy 7 days ago

    So honoring a true baseball legend from the old Negro Leagues is considered being a “liberal weenie”? The thought processes behind that is truly sad…

  10. mugens commented on Peanuts 7 days ago

    On DVD/BluRay is better. The toons have been editied/cut horribly for TV. On disc you get the whole thing, uncut…