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  1. mugens commented on Prickly City about 8 hours ago

    Seems to me this could apply to any and all generations, let alone political leanings…

  2. mugens commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    So sad and so very true….

  3. mugens commented on The Boondocks 1 day ago

    I remember those days….

  4. mugens commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    You know all the dangers of playing football is true. No argument here. But I would be the ultimate hypocrite if I said knowing all this I would not have still wanted to play the game as is when I was younger. I loved playing the game, and the hitting that went along with it. Maybe sad, but also very true.

  5. mugens commented on Frazz 5 days ago

    Some people lost their minds, not all. And let’s be realistic, if you had only heard a audio clip and not seen it written out you could easily have come to the wrong conclusion. It is not a word used commonly these days, nor has it been since I’ve been around, but I do find it in old literature, that’s about it.

  6. mugens commented on The Boondocks 5 days ago

    Amen to that!!!!

  7. mugens commented on Tom Toles 7 days ago

    You just did….

  8. mugens commented on Prickly City 7 days ago

    Wrong. This is a parody of “all” campaigns and politicians…

  9. mugens commented on Doonesbury 7 days ago

    Its more likely what Republicans want to use to get rid of everyone else. In any case it’s wrong….

  10. mugens commented on Animal Crackers 7 days ago

    Tardis reference????