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  1. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 6 days ago

    “Won’t you come out to pla-a-ay?”

    This could, potentially, be the beginning of a new, more mature outlook on life from Luann. She could actually begin thinking about a bigger picture than just herself and her fella. She ought to have realized by now that Quill is thinking about more than just her, and that he’ll totally respect her (might even respect her more) if she learns to do likewise.

  2. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 3 months ago

    Was there ever any followup on the Bonus material from last week about Luann in 30 years? I can’t figure out how to get back to it from this website.

  3. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 months ago

    Is there any reason it couldn’t actually be Puddles? Puddles has already lived about three times as long as even a small dog realistically would. Why couldn’t he be immortal? How old is Snoopy?

    OK, then, how old was Snoopy when Sparky left us?

    I think Greg would almost certainly give Luann a dog of some kind, perhaps more than one, and perhaps a cat as well.

  4. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 months ago

    I hope none. She’d be an outstanding aunt to Shannon, and to any future kids Bwad and Toni might have, but I wouldn’t want Luann to look after my dog. As much as she loves kids, she’s way too flighty, shallow and self-absorbed to make a proper mom.

  5. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 months ago

    I anticipate long years spent in various low-rent apartments in the not-very-nice parts of the city, with frequent intervals of sofa surfing with her more motivated friends. Luann’s skill set, plus her total inability to set priorities, means that she’ll have to be incredibly lucky to land just the right acting role, or have just one giant hit as a singer. Even if she did, she’d find a way to blow it all on some grand gesture, silly fling or idiotic gamble.

  6. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 months ago

    I see her oscillating between a, b and c. Folks have suggested “Set Designer”, and I think she’ll likely move in theatrical circles for quite a while, trying to decide if she wants the exposure of being in front of the audience more as an actress or singer, or whether her true gifts are more suited to the backstage side of things. From what we’ve seen of her formative years, it’s very unlikely she’ll have just one career/vocation. She’ll keep trying new things until it’s time for her dirt nap.

  7. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann Bonus Material 3 months ago

    B: Quill. I don’t think it should happen right after college, though. I see them as going their separate ways for a while as Quill matures as an actor (or possibly a director or playwright), while Luann figures out what she wants to do for a career. They’ll always mean to keep in touch, maybe even manage it for a few years, but lose track of one another and them have a “meet-cute” at some point before deciding that they really do belong together.

  8. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 4 months ago

    @ShagsCA: You may want to read up on the difference between an acrostic and an anagram. They’re not the same thing. An anagram of ShagsCA would be Gascash, for example.

    That said, it looks to me as if Tiffany is, in fact, concentrating on her studies. She’s allowed to resent it, but if she is to be believed, she’s doing it.

  9. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 4 months ago

    I, too, don’t see where any of Gunther’s former plans have been compromised or derailed by his recent experiences. Even the “Mom” part isn’t necessarily ruled out. She may be “keeping company” with Mr. Grey, but he’s been in the picture (so far as we’ve seen) a lot less time than Rosa and Gunther were an item — and now Rosa seems to be history. Who’s to say that Mrs. B is romantically inclined towards Mr. G to the point of planning to share a roof with him?

    I think Gunther is making assumptions here that we haven’t been shown are valid. It’s possible, I suppose, that he walked in on them sharing the sort of “tender moment” that Greg wouldn’t put in a family strip, but so far, I think he needs to check his assumptions about their relationship.

    Anybody remember these lyrics?
    “It was easy then to tell what was fair
    When to keep and when to share
    How much to protect your heart
    and how much to care…”

  10. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 4 months ago

    I’m right with seismic-2 and argythree. Does that make six of us?