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  1. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 3 days ago

    Sounds like Mrs. Horner is still with us. We haven’t heard from her in a while. And it appears that Leslie did get away with whatever we thought he was doing around the Kafe. Pity, that…

  2. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 12 days ago

    I’m not an archivist like some others here, but I think Luann played volleyball on some sort of a team with Tiffany, at least.

    Brad was pretty much a total couch potato until he realized that Toni was in far better physical shape than he was, and set about to change that. He blew his first tryout as a firefighter when he flunked the physical, went to work at Weenie World (a job from which Toni got him fired), and then got serious about working out.

    Others will certainly have more to add.

  3. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 17 days ago

    I’m guessing Toni put in something like $180, maybe $200, and Nancy put in the rest. Check whose purse is open on the counter, then go back and reread the earlier strips from this week.

    That’s my take, anyway.

  4. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann 19 days ago

    Does the name “Winsor Mackay” ring any bells?

  5. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    I don’t dispute that, CR7hater, but that sort of seems to be the way things work in the Luanniverse. Greg deals with a very small cast of characters, and tends to involve them in situations that properly ought to include a larger group of people — but no, it’s always just the few people we already know who are involved.

    Zebo’s art class, for example, seems to have only three students. How many colleges can you name where they would pay a teacher, and provide classroom space, for a class that size?

  6. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Many of my musician friends had already established something of a name for themselves before getting married. It made sense for them to keep their maiden names. The same holds true for women in any number of professional fields.

    Brad may want to consider adding Daytona as a middle name, and let Toni become Toni Louise DeGroot Daytona.

    I don’t see that it’s anybody’s business but their own, and “tradition” is really all over the place, depending on where and how far back you look.

  7. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Didn’t say it was likely, but Toni would be using a cell phone and could, presumably, be watching Shannon at the same time.

  8. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    He doesn’t with anyone but me. Do you know the Biblical story of Jonah, who was swallowed by a Great Fish and lived for months inside the creature, until he agreed to do what God wanted?

    For me, it’s a way of reducing Toni’s brother to a smelly, insignificant and unpleasant character nobody really want to have around.

  9. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Shannon doesn’t live with Toni and Brad, she lives with her father, Fishbait. Possibly this strip is on a different day than the one we’ve been following, and Shannon is back with her Dad.

    Either that, or we are still on the same day, in which case Toni is calling from Brad & TJ’s house, while Shannon happily continues “remodeling”.

  10. Make Mine Marvel commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    What you are either missing or ignoring is that he isn’t protesting his own mistreatment, but that of others. Why should his wealth make him ineligible to register his complaint? Are only poor people allowed to complain about problems that affect all of us?

    And I don’t think he was accusing white people of racism, just the ones in police uniforms, and even then, not all cops. Just the ones who do seem to kill a disproportionate number of black people, often for ridiculous reasons.

    Maybe you’re OK with that. I’m white, and I’m not.