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  1. hmvanyel commented on Over the Hedge 2 days ago

    No “Ethel the Aardvark goes Quantity Surveying”?

  2. hmvanyel commented on Pearls Before Swine 18 days ago

    I still want a direct election of the President. Cut the Electoral College out of the Constitution. Then the votes of people in Hawaii will matter and the election won’t be over before ever state has counted its votes.

  3. hmvanyel commented on Bloom County 2016 about 1 month ago

    When I first went into a Starbucks, and was asked which size I wanted and they spouted out those sizes. I just asked, which is the largest? Got my answer. Then which is the smallest, got my answer. And said give me the one that I didn’t ask about.. Got a medium and didn’t have to fight or get mad over names.

  4. hmvanyel commented on Bloom County 3 months ago

    Now, we’re not ones to go round spreadin’ rumors
    Why really, we’re just not the gossipy kind!
    Oh, you’ll never hear one of us repeating gossip!
    So you’d better be sure and listen close the first time.

  5. hmvanyel commented on Bloom County 3 months ago

    I used to have a telephone that looked like one of those old crank phones. Made for a good conversation starter. I think I bought it from some mail order catalog.

  6. hmvanyel commented on Calvin and Hobbes 6 months ago

    Dungeons and Dragons, Jason of Star Command, Space Academy, Ark II, The Secrets of Isis, Wonder Bug, Doctor Shrinker, Shazam, The Superfriends, the Godzilla or Gamera movies, or a Creature Feature.

  7. hmvanyel commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 months ago

    @Vonne Anton
    Your freedom of speech ends at my door. When multiple attempts at being polite doesn’t work, being rude and vulgar is all that’s left.

    As far as the gun comment goes:
    First, I live in an extremely Red state, and I’m bright Blue. I’m pro gun control and anti-gun. For full disclosure, I do own several guns, all willed to me by my late father, they are still locked up in a gun safe which I do not have the combination to.

    So my thought of using a gun to order people off my property is a joke. In fact, that I said I found a good use for my state’s CRAZY gun control laws makes it a joke.

  8. hmvanyel commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 months ago

    Hullooo, my name ees Elder Bob
    And I would like to share with you
    The most amazing book
    Hullooo, my name ees Elder Grant
    It’s a book about America
    A long, long time ago

    I’ve tried being polite. Saying, I’m sorry but I’m perfectly happy with my faith.
    No thank you.
    No thank you, I’m not going to change religions.
    All to no avail.

    One that stopped one repeat JW or LDS trespasser, was Hi, I’m gay and you are really cute, why don’t you give me your number and we can go out on a date, I know a really good bar where transsexuals put on really great show.
    You should have seen the eyes on that guy and how quickly he walked backed.

    I have a friend who is a Bible study teacher, he invites them in and tries to convert them to Catholicism. He knows the Bible back words and forwards, and can quote Book, Chapter, Passage. After two attempts they stopped coming.

    I’m thinking next time I’ll tell them how to prevent the spread of AIDS and give them condoms, I could even use a banana to show how to put one on.

    Then again I’m in Texas, I can point a gun at them and tell them to get off my property. Hey, I finally found a good use for my states crazy gun laws.

  9. hmvanyel commented on Pearls Before Swine 8 months ago

    So Guard Duck must have been the one to train the Girl Scouts in “Airplane!”.

  10. hmvanyel commented on Over the Hedge 8 months ago

    In the comics and the animated series’ Batman does come up with a way to defeat every member of the JLA, including himself, in case any of them went rogue. Unfortunately one of the JLA’s enemy found the plan and used it against them.

    In the comics, Superman did give Batman Kryptonite just in case someone took him over or to use against another Kryptonian.

    In the up coming movie, Batman could have done his homework, lots of research could have led Bruce Wayne to see how the machines in Man Of Steel affected Superman, and deduced that maybe other things from Krypton might have a similar affect on The Man of Steel, leading Bruce to find Kryptonite.

    An old joke/saying among Batman fans and comic fans in general is: Can Batman beat (insert name of superhero or super villain)? The answer: Yes, if he has time to prepare. In BvS it looks as if Batman had time to prepare.

    Despite having time to prepare doesn’t guarantee Batman’s victory, but it does give him the element of surprise which could be enough to for him to pull out the win.