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  1. nosirrom commented on Pluggers about 2 hours ago

    Same thing here. Finally found a decent pizza place. It has changed hands twice now and the pizza is getting worse. I hate having to look for a better place, but after the last one I’m going to have to start looking.

  2. nosirrom commented on Pickles about 2 hours ago

    I keep getting calls from myself! Caller ID shows the phone number of the phone that is ringing. Anyone else?

  3. nosirrom commented on Over the Hedge about 2 hours ago

    I thinl I’ll come back when tines up.

  4. nosirrom commented on Non Sequitur about 2 hours ago

    My caller ID keeps telling me that I’m calling myself.

  5. nosirrom commented on Monty about 2 hours ago

    I hope he’s writing down all of these side effects. After all a 30 second drug ad on TV would only be 5 seconds without mentioning all of the side effects.

  6. nosirrom commented on Last Kiss about 2 hours ago

    There’s always the phone, silly.

  7. nosirrom commented on Heathcliff about 3 hours ago

    Reminds me of the hey day of Cypress Gardens.
    Now it’s LEGO land

  8. nosirrom commented on Bliss about 3 hours ago

    I firmly believe that parents should avoid projecting their neuroses upon their children. Children need to grow up and become self sufficient so that they can develop their own neuroses.

  9. nosirrom commented on Adam@Home about 3 hours ago

    Deerstalker hat, Belstaff ‘Milford’ Coat.
    When does the haberdashery open?

  10. nosirrom commented on Garfield about 12 hours ago

    Love the dragonflies. Know they are eating the mosquitoes. We also have damselflies. The obvious difference is that damselflies fold their wings at rest where dragonflies don’t. It’s also very cool when they land on you for a quick rest.