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  1. edsterne commented on Close to Home 5 months ago

    Kinda how all my stuff looks after raising two rambunctious boys.

  2. edsterne commented on Farcus 6 months ago

    In the small print.

  3. edsterne commented on Peanuts 7 months ago

    Wow. I thought that I had effectively blocked that from my mind. What a horrible experience in trying to learn that way back in high school. Yep. He said, Good Grief. Me too. LOL.

  4. edsterne commented on Red and Rover 9 months ago

    I’m being that he just missed it…if he just got home, I don’t think his jacket would be zipped up….just guessing though.

  5. edsterne commented on In the Bleachers over 1 year ago

    Must be the section for the people that brought their electronic devices.

  6. edsterne commented on For Better or For Worse over 1 year ago

    @ lightenup that is the best laugh I’ve had all day! Thanks!

  7. edsterne commented on For Better or For Worse over 1 year ago

    All of this shall soon pass. It’s not like they are there forever. Let them spoil the grandkids. It’s the only payback they have in life now. They’ll soon go home and have great memories. When they’re dead and gone, Elly will only have the memory of guilt about how she felt right now.

  8. edsterne commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 1 year ago

    @ Orinoco womble … I’m going to have to remember that and sing it to my grandkiddies…. wish I’d known the rest of the song when my boys were growing up. I could have used the ammo, too.

  9. edsterne commented on B.C. about 2 years ago

    Yeah…it’s no longer cursive… I think it’s “high school girl fancy” that you cannot read anyway. WHO taught them to write this way and when will it stop?? Aarghh

  10. edsterne commented on Pickles about 2 years ago

    @ Arianne…sometimes I think when you laugh in those situations… it’s just a nervous response that one has. I had h friend that did it as well. I’m with you too. Wait till your sweet daughter is in the same situation. History will most likely repeat itself.