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  1. Slowmodem commented on FoxTrot over 1 year ago

    This house has sho gone crazy!

  2. Slowmodem commented on Nancy over 1 year ago

    From Wikipedia:

    >The Grand Ole Opry is a weekly country music stage concert in Nashville, Tennessee that has presented the biggest stars of that genre. Founded on November 28, 1925 by George D. Hay as a one-hour radio “barn dance” on WSM, it is also among the longest-running broadcasts in history.<

    I guess you either love it or hate it. But a lot of innovation came from there. It is a unique American tradition loved the world over.

  3. Slowmodem commented on Shoe over 1 year ago

    I miss Bob Ross. He used to say, “We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.”

  4. Slowmodem commented on Working Daze over 1 year ago

    Another One Bites The Dust?

  5. Slowmodem commented on Working Daze over 1 year ago

    Maybe Klingon opera.

  6. Slowmodem commented on Working Daze over 1 year ago

    Very well put!

  7. Slowmodem commented on Wizard of Id almost 2 years ago


  8. Slowmodem commented on Working Daze almost 2 years ago

    Yep, you nailed it! (you’re showing your age, though)

  9. Slowmodem commented on Get Fuzzy almost 2 years ago

    That’s called a cat-a-pult.

  10. Slowmodem commented on The Argyle Sweater almost 2 years ago

    Bullets can’t stop it! Rockets can’t stop it! We may have to use nuclear force!