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  1. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin over 1 year ago

    You are right I should probably remove it. Had you been in the room with me, you would of understood it was more of an allegory of the crazy dialogue that is out there. I’m as much effected by it as we all are. Yet it led to my further point of we need to speak with more civility. My intention was not to offend, but point out the ridiculous name calling we have witnessed. Our country is without strong leadership. We have to be strongly united with each other.

  2. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin over 1 year ago

    Good point (in part).
    We Americans should lead the way and not follow our elected (and sometimes corrupted) officials.
    Begin with debt. Before we scream for Washington to correct the debt crisis let’s correct our own. Consumer debt passed 3 Trillion and Household debt is at 13 trillion.
    It took me quite a few years but I am finally debt free. Even though I have very little money, I owe no one anything. My farm is paid off as are my cars and equipment. It is a great feeling. I will never borrow again.
    If we all did this, we would be more unified and equipped to effect change.

  3. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin over 1 year ago

    Can you cite these lunatics? Please read: I Play One On TV’s comments above. He speaks reasonably. You, on the other hand may be buying into a narrative that has no basis. Opinion may think Tea Party people are fringe, but their actions do not convince me. There is not one piece of evidence of violence or racism. If you know on some factual events (not opinion) that shows different, please share. If there is one or more, it is more than likely very isolated. A better course is for you (and the rest of us Americans) to read what they believe, why they believe it and find what you can agree with first, then debate the differences with the intension of coming to a viable solution. I’d be happy to do that with you. Our country is too awesome to do otherwise.

  4. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin over 1 year ago

    Yes I do, but I don’t argue with them. I prefer thoughtful, constructive debate. And yes, I did exaggerating some. I realize too many people watch too many shouting matches on TV and name calling (where both sides are wrong). My own lawyer is a self-proclaimed liberal who loves to rant that way, yet he is a good enough lawyer to keep. We need civility and good ideas. I can’t stand the division, even though I understand the differences in ideology. You cannot deny that the media has given the Tea Party a bum rap with no proof. I’ll throw it back at you. Do you talk to any people who are self-proclaimed tea partiers (which by the way is not an organization or a party)? Are they racists? Are they terrorists? Why are they hated? I’m a farmer who loves America and ALL Americans. We need to start finding common ground.

  5. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Stuart Carlson over 1 year ago

    How come only a few in Congress are complaining about raising the debt ceiling going up AGAIN? For five years, President Obama has spent 1.4 TRILLION more than he takes in. And you want that to go higher? Stop focusing on the silly fight in Congress and speak to the real problem of spending ourselves into oblivion. Stop fighting each other folks and join together to stop the craziness.

  6. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Drew Sheneman over 1 year ago

    The Tea Party are fellow Americans who believe the Federal Government spends too much – 3.8 trillion expenditures on 2.5 trillion revenues.

    Remember, we also fund 50 State governments, countless county and municipal governments as well.

    When will my fellow Americans agree that our Federal Government is out of control? When they do, they will agree with the Tea Party. Gasp!

  7. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Stuart Carlson over 1 year ago

    While Dems vilify Tea Party and the Repubs, and visa versa, America slowly sinks into the West. What part of overspending do all you citizens not get?

    The Bush admin was like a person making 50k a year (tax rev) and spending 55K a year. The new administration is like that same person making 50k a year but spending 80k a year. How is ANYONE okay with that?

    The Tea Party is not against government. It’s against TOO MUCH government and OVERSPENDING. That’s it! Maybe all you anti-Tea Party folks can afford to spend one-and-a-half times what you make. America can’t.

  8. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Drew Sheneman over 1 year ago

    I find it amazing that people, cartoonists in particular, continue to believe a false narrative about the Tea Party. They call them racists (no evidence); they call them terrorists (really?); they call them corporate pawns (in what game?). Instead of embracing their easy to understand ideas of keeping America safe, solvent and at liberty. People like Sheneman prefer to keep the falsehoods going.

  9. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Stuart Carlson almost 2 years ago

    Want a bank account? Need a photo ID.

    Want a library card? Need a photo ID.

    Want to get through airport security? Need a photo ID.

    Want to get into Eric Holder’s building? Need a photo ID.

    Want to prove you’re eligible to vote? Well, we’ll just take your word on that on.

  10. Davit_O GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin almost 2 years ago

    Fair Tax. Enough said.

    BTW, all of those who wrongly state a Fair Tax would hurt the poor, I can prove to you that the Fair Tax would put the equivalent of 20 paychecks back into the pockets of people making less than the average household income.