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  1. Ken Attaway commented on Tom Toles 25 days ago

    Excellent! cummings poetry was the subject of my master’s thesis years ago…

  2. Ken Attaway commented on Tom Toles 6 months ago

    Shillary and the DNC are “Born Losers”. If nominated, Shillary will lose to Trump.

  3. Ken Attaway commented on Adam@Home over 1 year ago

    We have no air conditioners. Ceiling fans and open windows.
    Welcome to PEI.

  4. Ken Attaway commented on Looks Good on Paper over 1 year ago

    Retired. PhD in English. Write poems…love fishing…

  5. Ken Attaway commented on Joel Pett about 2 years ago

    Good to hear some right-wing lies about immigrants. Unless you are natives or descended from natives, you came from immigrants who spread diseases that helped kill many native Americans.

  6. Ken Attaway commented on For Better or For Worse about 2 years ago

    How are those pop-up ads working for you? Hate them.

  7. Ken Attaway commented on The Knight Life over 2 years ago

    Never been to Canada, eh? Never read much about it either from the words you write. I am a US citizen who prefers living in Canada. We see Americans for what they are.

  8. Ken Attaway commented on Jim Morin almost 3 years ago

    Lied about Gitmo. Murders innocent people with drones. Allows Orwell’s “1984” to continue unabated. Did not put Cheney/Bush on trial for war crimes. Did not put a single major Bankster in jail. Did not create jobs needed for the American people. Owned by corporate interests; bought before he ran for Senate. Appointed Bush idiots to his administration. Created a better way for insurance companies to rip-off Americans for healthcare. Pushing the TPP to destroy America’s economy to help global corporations. The list could go on and on. Obama has done little but continue the Cheney/Bush disaster. Cheney is the worst president America has had. Obama is working on being the next worst. I leave out Bush because he was on vacation most of the time. Of course, hard to dismiss that the Bush family is one of America’s leading crime families. Oh, yes, hello NSA reader.

  9. Ken Attaway commented on Bottomliners about 3 years ago

    Check out Walmart and Sam’s Club. You will need a group reading to get to a normal IQ.

  10. Ken Attaway commented on Bottomliners about 3 years ago

    Good morning, Repubs. After George W., Pallin, and Bachmann…not to mention the Pauls and Canadian Cruz, you have not a fact to stand on when you demean Obama’s speaking abilities. This from a non-fan of Obama.