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  1. mittfh commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    And what better choice of words for an aural assault than Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet?

    Especially as the text is derived (well, excerpted from and heavily mangled) from a passage in a Cicero text on the purposes of good and evil, where he’s talking about deriving pleasure from pain.

  2. mittfh commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    I like their attitude – watching cool gadgets they’ve constructed / modified beyond all recognition is far more appealing than Virginia’s personal safety :)

    Then again, with the rate at which it’s ejecting brains, the zombie hordes would probably be far more interested in them than Virginia – which would give her (and Nick) a chance to watch the zombie hordes showing their appreciation at her engineering skills before moving off…

  3. mittfh commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    Nick’s profanity filter didn’t scramble that expletive much, given it’s a common euphamism for the intended word… :)

    Meanwhile, a sensible brain vending machine? Then again, Virginia is one of the few (relatively) sane practitioners of mad science…

    …although the concept of bringing any vending machine (let alone one that dispenses brains) to a picnic may stretch the definition of sane…