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  1. CHRISTOPHER BOYER commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    All this lost to video games and “Helicopter Parents”.

  2. CHRISTOPHER BOYER commented on Pat Oliphant over 3 years ago

    We already disliked the uber wealthy and their tendency to do as they like. We were just happy to elect an intelligent, well spoken, President who had actually been poor and had read more then a book; A President who knew what the rest of us are going through because he’d been there and had made his way up without his daddy’s help.

  3. CHRISTOPHER BOYER commented on Pat Oliphant over 3 years ago

    The sequester is another result of the republican party attempting to make the Obama administration a failed administration, as per there very own statements prior to his first term and again after his re-election. They have once again blocked an attempt of the President, i.e., to make the rich and corporations their pay their share of taxes; In creating the sequester they have made a “smaller” government and nobody wants it.

  4. CHRISTOPHER BOYER commented on Cul de Sac over 3 years ago

    Discovering Little Nemo while I was doing a term paper on the history of the comics, in college, was a defining moment on what true art there can be in the cartooning arts.

  5. CHRISTOPHER BOYER commented on Pat Oliphant almost 4 years ago

    Senator Hagel is the BEST choice to run the pPentagon as he is one of the few in the Congress who has been in combat, wounded, and has lost friends to combat. He knows the B.S. that flows down the chain of command to wash over the “Boots on the Ground”. As to the Israeli lobby; it, the NRA, and the Cuban expats in Florida have far to much wag on our dog of a government.

  6. CHRISTOPHER BOYER commented on Henry Payne almost 4 years ago

    IT"S CLIMATE CHANGE, warming is only a part of it.