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  1. gaslightguy commented on Truth Facts 2 days ago

    Never been there. Don’t have any interest in going there, either.

  2. gaslightguy commented on Pluggers 2 days ago

    I’ve owned over 160 cars and trucks over the years, so several models bring those thoughts home.

  3. gaslightguy commented on PC and Pixel 7 days ago

    Keep oil in it and set the valves every 3,000 miles and it’ll run forever.

  4. gaslightguy commented on Pluggers 7 days ago

    ANYTHING electronic. I’m decent with a wrench, but if it’s got more than one cable to plug in, I’m on the phone to India in a heartbeat.

  5. gaslightguy commented on PC and Pixel 11 days ago

    They only made the “new beetle” in diesel.

  6. gaslightguy commented on Pluggers 11 days ago

    Still have a Walkman in the glove box of my van. Used to go to the beach more often than now. it needs new batteries. It ain’t alone.

  7. gaslightguy commented on Diamond Lil 13 days ago

    If your nose runs and your feet smell you’re probably built upside down.

  8. gaslightguy commented on Bound and Gagged 14 days ago

    Happened to me ta few weeks ago. Went to buy beer in a Rite-Aid. The kid behind the counter wanted to see my I.D. I’m 70 and look it. Don’t carry a wallet. Just some thing to lose. I walk with the aid of a cane. The kid wanted me to go to my car and get my I.D. Bought the beer elsewhere. I don’t go to that chain anymore.

  9. gaslightguy commented on Pluggers 16 days ago

    I have a large piece of cardboard I use when i go places where I know the people. Otherwise, I park over surplus roofing material. it absorbs the oil just fine.

  10. gaslightguy commented on Farcus 16 days ago

    Used to be a band back in the 90’s called “Bad Haggis”. The joke being that there is no such thing as good haggis.