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  1. Incredulous commented on Chip Bok 4 days ago

    Because of an inflated ego?


  2. Incredulous commented on Tom Toles 21 days ago

    Why limit your statement to the boundaries of some legal fiction?


  3. Incredulous commented on Mike Luckovich 21 days ago

    In the course of human relations, non-aggression is the best policy. Self-defense, however, is totally justifiable.


  4. Incredulous commented on Jim Morin 21 days ago

    No, I’m not looking for a sparring partner. The matter is settled in my own mind. I only wish to offer the information for others to make an informed choice.

    And I would contend that an oath sworn upon a “legal fallacy” creates no obligation upon the swearer except in their own mind. I have no problem with people forging their own chains just so long as they are aware that they are doing so.


  5. Incredulous commented on Jim Morin 22 days ago

    Lay out your contention in a manner that provides evidence that once the signatory’s have passed on, an instrument is incumbent on their descendants. Check out this Lysander Spooner work:


  6. Incredulous commented on Lisa Benson 22 days ago

    The NHTSA proposes that automatic restraint systems be required in new vehicles unless mandatory seat belt laws covered two-thirds of population by September 1989. Automakers, safety advocates, and the NHTSA join forces to encourage states’ passage of such laws. Notice the use of the word “Automakers”?


  7. Incredulous commented on Jim Morin 26 days ago

    I do have to take exception to that. Lincoln succeeded because he was willing to shred the constitution to achieve his ends. Personally, I couldn’t care less because everybody who signed it was long dead and therefore the contract had expired.

  8. Incredulous commented on Jeff Danziger about 1 month ago

    We have to do (pass) it now, we’ll find out later what’s (in it) the out come.


  9. Incredulous commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    Most opt for Mom and Dad subsidized housing. (Living with them.)


  10. Incredulous commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    How misleading! How much do the food stamp recipients add to the average taxpayers facilitation of their standard of living? I say stop extortion (TAX) and corporate welfare.