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  1. Bandusia15 commented on Jerry Holbert about 6 hours ago

    There are 2-3 cartoonists who do so on occasion but I forget if they are on this site or Arcamax.
    Not many do, and those who do should be respected for that.

  2. Bandusia15 commented on Robert Ariail about 6 hours ago

    And yet we cater to a racist group of traitors (think Texas forcing Spanish on the entire country) funneling them billions, putting 1/3 on the Supreme Court (stacking rulings in their favour) and practising apartheid discrimination.
    Yeah, THAT’S “fair”.

  3. Bandusia15 commented on Scott Stantis about 7 hours ago

    Hmmm…so enforcing the law that states gays and everyone should be treated equally when it comes marriage is more appalling than ensuring citizens get health care? Or vice versa?
    The only thing appalling here is your way of thinking.
    The VERY conservative court simply got two right. Stopped Clock Syndrome.

  4. Bandusia15 commented on Clay Bennett about 16 hours ago

    Well, yes and no. Outright support for separatism is on the decline but the masses are not who the politicians listen to. (Sound familiar?) Since the “federalist” Liberals have decided to, apropos of nothing, to pass a law forcing large companies (The Walmarts, Canadian Tire etc) to French in their company names/titles, a request that has already been defeated in court, I would say that the pandering to the separatist “minority” is in full swing.

    The fact that our likely next Prime Minister is a French citizen who has sided with those separatist traitors on every major issue does little to ease the concerns of those English-speaking Canadians who have lost their jobs, or cannot get hired or promoted, due to favoritism of that very language group, the one ALL political parties cater to , the one that makes up a whopping 4% of the population outside Kaybec.

  5. Bandusia15 commented on Ricig's Toon Trivia about 16 hours ago

    I’m going to limit myself to one—-Son of The Beach, great comedy starring Timothy Stack and Jaime Bergman.
    And welcome back, Michael! (May we ask where you went?)

  6. Bandusia15 commented on Robert Ariail 1 day ago

    And considering how we treat the majority of our natives and English-speaking citizens, sadly Canada has no moral mountain to shout down from.

  7. Bandusia15 commented on Jack Ohman 1 day ago

    Hillary? Why are you touting the #4 Democratic candidate who MIGHT get the VP nod?
    President (in waiting) Sanders is laughing at you.

  8. Bandusia15 commented on Glenn McCoy 1 day ago

    And even they can be trumped.

  9. Bandusia15 commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    “America had a bad week” because people can keep their health insurance (NOT single payer as civilized countries have) and gays cannot be discriminated against re marriage so their rights are not being trampled on.
    Explain how either of these makes a bad week for America.
    Unless you meant the TPP, which will indeed destroy your country and your president’s legacy.

  10. Bandusia15 commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    I don’t think a Vice President can appoint SC judges. But I am not convinced President Sanders would name Hillary as VP either.