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  1. Bandusia15 commented on Strange Brew about 23 hours ago

    The socks have holes, and are hanging up higher than the others. Apparently there is a connection being made that those with the HOLIEST pair get to look down from on high. Compare that to the religious wrong who do the same (think pat Robertson or Josh Duggar).

  2. Bandusia15 commented on Strange Brew about 23 hours ago

    I have NEVER seen a stripper named Cayenne. Though admittedly it’s been a few years since I decided to waste some money at that type of establishment.
    Even Pepper does not sound like a proper stripper name.
    Dflak? Old Spice is probably MY nickname!

  3. Bandusia15 commented on Shoe about 23 hours ago

    I was going to educate you about Bernie Sanders, who is NOT “the same” but then I saw you write “their all the same” and thought better of it.
    I thought you said you were a veteran.
    Apparently they don’t teach you basic English by basic training. Sad.

  4. Bandusia15 commented on Rose is Rose about 23 hours ago


  5. Bandusia15 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 24 hours ago

    Call I call BS on that one?

  6. Bandusia15 commented on Nancy 1 day ago

    Really? What word did they use other than “ticket”? I can’t stand that character or the way Jon Lovitz played him. YMMV.
    (</sarc mode>)

  7. Bandusia15 commented on Nancy 1 day ago

    Sorry to tell you…

  8. Bandusia15 commented on Matt Wuerker 1 day ago

    We’re FIFTH??!?!
    That doesn’t sound right. Most people I know are tearingtheir hair ourt over this year’s election where there is NO PARTY to represent them.
    And unlike the US, we have FIVE to choose from.
    What a horrible, horrible time in our history.

  9. Bandusia15 commented on The Middletons 1 day ago

    I wouldn’t join the military if you paid me. I am as far from being a veteran as you can get.

    And yet I support the troops MORE than conservatives because I know that even though I disagree with why they are sent where they are sent, that they should be paid, protected, and especially cared for AFTER they have done their service. In North America, governments do NOT tend to care for them.
    I believe you and I can respect one another;s position and understand it.

    Whereas I would discourage my children and family and friends etc from ever fighting for corporate interests to kill people overseas, I feel that if you choose to do so, your country OWES it to you to take care of you.
    Both yours and mine fail to do so. For that, I am truly sorry.

    You deserve better.

    How’s that, Paul?

  10. Bandusia15 commented on Herman 1 day ago

    Citizen, and although I could see myself in Europe, I do not live there. Put it this way. I can walk to your country, if I chose.
    Linguist, I am disappointed in South America. Health care should be free to ALL citizens.I am dismayed that more countries are like the US.